Juvederm for Acne Pit Scarring This A.m. - Garden Grove, CA

I have suffered from acne pit scarring for the...

I have suffered from acne pit scarring for the past two years located on both of my cheeks. After researching dermal fillers, I went to see a dr. this a.m. He suggested Juvederm and the cost for a syringe was $525. He gave me a dental block, shot the needle twice in my mouth near the cheek area and used a numbing cream. I can see an 80% improvement. A little redness at the injection site and my mouth is still a little numb 2 hours later. I am extremely happy and excited to see what it looks like in a few days. Will write an updated review.


I had juvaderm for some ice pick scars and no difference. Perhaps they didnt go deep enough?
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I think the depth of your scar could have been a factor. I am looking in to seeing a Dr who can perform the TCA cross method where acid is dropped inside the ice pick scar to stimulate collagen growth.
Hi Beachlover, why did you put that the treatment wasn't worth it if you say it came out good? Were there other problems or was it just a mistake in your voting? thanks
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