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Sister has been told that juvederm will take care...

sister has been told that juvederm will take care of sagging on neck, has had 5 syringes of product and was told she needs more by a nurse that works for ob/gyn.

I would think a sagging neck may need surgery. This nurse shouldn`t be giving out any advice. I seem to know more than her and I didn`t go to college for any type of medical training. See a Plastic Surgeon.
Dear Pam, I can sense the pain and anger in your letter and do not wish to compound it. BUT - would you take your Toyota to a Volvo mechanic? As a Plastic surgeon who has also fully trained and became board certified ALSO in general Surgery it repeatedly amazes me how some people would entrust their health and appearance to people who are parallel trained. Why would you expect that a GYN or for that matter her nurse or aesthetician would be as good as a plastic surgeon? Moreover, unless you used Helium gas, how could anyone expect that FILLING (ie putting more "stuff) an already sagging neck with a wrinkle filler hope to lift it? What is MORE disappointing to mer is that some members of the Health Care Community are behaving in this shameful fashion. Don't beat yourself over it though. You learned a valuable but costly lesson. At least now you hopefully not go to this GYN for your Liposuction, Tummy Tuck or laser. Right???? Peter A Aldea, MD, FACS Memphis, Tennessee
No offense but who would use an ob/gyn for a cosmetic procedure? would you go to a plastic surgeon deliver your baby?
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go to someone that is plastic/facial plastic not ob/gyn

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