Juvederm Swelling

My treatment was a little painful. i wanted to...

my treatment was a little painful. i wanted to diminish acne scars i had on my forehead. i believe i will be happy with the results as soon as the swelling subsides.

i had juvederm 3 days ago. my dermatologist said no ice would be necessary, however i applied ice anyway that day. i still have noticeable swelling and would like to diminish this as soon as possible. should i apply more ice, or can heat be applied at this time?
I had Juvederme injections into my cheeks over two years ago. NIGHTMARE! One side of my face is just one big lump abd the other side a mass of little bumps. Told they would disappear in time... time? Over two years already. Don't go there!
I would have written a negative review, at first- but it takes time for you to see the physical changes to yourself! Everyone seems to freakout after getting a procedure-only because your not used to seeing it on yourself! Don't let a Doctor talk you into the entire syringe of Juvederm, you have to buy the whole thing, but they can put up the remainder and give you more later! Start out suttle until you get use to your physical changes! I got it in my lips, and I was one who said I will NEVER do this again-now 5 months later, I still LOVE it and can not wait to do it again! I look back a pictures and see that when I smiled my upper lip almost disappeared, but now I have a full beautiful lip, in fact many people that have seen them are now going to get it! But if you did not know me and many people who do- NEVER KNEW! Just go suttle, do it FOR YOU!!!
thank you for the tip about storing the remainder of the syringe for later! that option was never given to me and would have been very useful. does anyone know a derm office in the phila, pa or central jersey area who allows you to store a syringe for later???
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i believe the job was done carefully. i expected swelling but since my doc said ice would not even be necessary i'm a little nervous at this point b/c i still have it...

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