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I had three syringes of juvederm 2 weeks ago...

I had three syringes of juvederm 2 weeks ago.

I did this because I had hollows under my eyes, NL folds and marionettes. Recently I had 2 fraxels and my skin was looking good but couldn't deal with deep wrinkles.

We did the eyes first. Just a little ice under the eye and then the injections. Painless! I had a couple little dots where the needle went in but no bruising. My hollows are gone and I don't look tired like i did before.

Then the NL. It hurt a bit more there but once the needle is in it is painless. Doc used a syringe on both sides. The lines are GONE!

I had wanted only 2 syringes but needed to buy another for the marionettes. I'm in early 50's so need more. I still have a bit of line but still a big improvement. Again it didn't hurt much at all.

I had the juvederm with the lidocaine and when it wore off I was a bit sore and had a headache for a couple days.

Final results? FANTASTIC! I get so many comments asking if I lost weight, say I look great, etc. No one knows what I did but they see something is different but don't know what, which is what I wanted.

Hopefully this will last a while. Swelling seems to be gone.

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Hi Kaytee,

Wow, it took away your wrinkles and made you loose weight ;) that is awesome. I'm so glad this worked out so well. And it sounds like the few side effects we're so minor they were nothing. The community loves pictures, hint hint ;) Please keep us updated.

Enjoy the short week and thanks for the review!


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