Restylane NOT worth it!

I have never done anything cosmetic before, so i...

I have never done anything cosmetic before, so i thought Juvaderm would be the safest thing in my lower lip since it was an all natural product...WRONG! My doctor injected me in 6 different areas, and it left scars around my upper and lower lips including my cheek. It broke some blood vessels, and now i have a red spot that looks like someone poked me with a pen. WORST of all she injected way too much on one side and the protein did not absorb in my skin so i look like a Duck now and the Juvaderm did not fill in like it supposed to, it left a HUGE CLUMP on one side of my lip that was the size of a Marble! I tried smoothing it out over 1 month but i still have a huge bumpy lump that looks very unnatural like someone socked me in the face. On my left lower lip it feels like a big hard clumpy marble or rock. I have tried everything to smooth it out but i have actually made it even worse and have bled from trying to smooth it out correct it. I will never trust or go to a plastic surgeon again. I paid over $700 for something made me look horrible and feel horrible.


When did you have it done? You sound like my lips in the first two weeks. A month later my lips look great. That bump isn't noticeable and has blended in well. Sure, I know it's there and if I look directly at it I can really notice it. But to just look at me from a few feet away it isn't really noticeable. My duck lip also went down alot.
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