Just Had Smartlipo

Finally I'm glad I did it. I just had smartlipo 4...

Finally I'm glad I did it.

I just had smartlipo 4 hours ago. I do not see result yet but feel not bad. My doctor was very gentle and professional. Staffs were friendly.

It was 2 hours and doctor removed only 400cc of fat. I thought it was more than that.

It's not very painful. The worst part is numbing. Laser and sucking fat are not comfortable but bearable.

I will update more as soon as I get any result.


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I live in New England, so I'm having in done in Natick, MA. You should read the posts by Amy Joy and SpunkyOne, both are in depth about the bruising and swelling. I think waiting is the worst part, I hope you're feeling better :)
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Hi red, Where will you have it? are you in Bay area too? Today is one week but I still do not see any result yet. My abdomen is no more swollen but I can feel still lots of fat in there :( I don' tknow what to do just waiting ...
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Today is almost 3 weeks and I do not see any...

Today is almost 3 weeks and I do not see any result :( The ab is still big and I can tell fat is there.

I went to meet doctor 3 times already and he kept sayign that that my loose musle not the fat :( geezzz, I'm not a kid and I know what is fat what is skin man so disappointed.

They charged me over 6k but when I asked for a garment since the first one they gave is too big for me, they refused. Oh boy, not remmend smartlipo and not recommend my doctor at all.

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