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Just Had Smart Lipo This Week

I had smart lipo in Spokane Wa. The procedure was...

I had smart lipo in Spokane Wa. The procedure was March 28th. Dr. did smart lipo on my abdomen, love handles and bra area. Today is March 31st.....still bruised by it already looks amazing. I will post pics as soon as I can.

I am five weeks out from my abdominal smart lipo...

I am five weeks out from my abdominal smart lipo.  Dr. Thomas Pellow did the procedure at Inland Aesthetic Institie in Spokane.  I am going to try to post before and after pics...keep in mind I am only five weeks out.

Inland Aesthetic institute Dr. Pellow

Dr. Pellow listened to everything I said in my hopes for a great result. He was meticulous with every detail and very kind. See for yourself!

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Catylilme, How did your lipo go??? I hope everything went great for you! I'd love to hear all about it when you feel up to it and get a chance ;)
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Good luck, Catylilme!! Hope everything goes well
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I'm going to have the Vaser Smart Lipo on my upper/lower abs and hips on 4/30/09. I agree with Sillygyrl, reading about the roping etc does make me nervous. I've only told one girlfriend so she will be able to help me while I'm down and out. I'm 38 with 2 kids who will be with their father for his weekend. I would love to see some of the pictures.
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That's so exciting, I'm so glad you are healing well. I'm excited and terrified about having smartlipo (LIpoLITE) done on my upper and lower abs. I am 37, 5'2" and 117pounds. I had traditional lipo done about 13 years ago, twice, and while it helped, it never gave me the results I wanted, even though I work out and eat well. I have the procedure scheduled, but I'm terrified of looking worse after than I do now. I'm single, I'm not telling anyone I'm having it- and I'm scared of the 'roping' bumping lumping etc. that I've been reading about. I don't want to feel self-conscious if/ when I have a new partner after the procedure. What do you think? My doctors office is also telling me what seems contradictory to what these boards say. It's a reputable office, the doctor has appeared on national tv shows and trains other doctors in the procedure. They say I can return to work the next day, the swelling and bruising will be down quickly, I can be in a bikini in a month with no-one being able to tell I did something. I'm so torn with this decision- it's all I can think about!!!
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Tomorrow will be one week after my smart lipo.....I am thrilled. Don't believe the "back to work the next day" thing. There is swelling, bruising and tenderness that can't be handled at work. You need to have at least four days of rest and TLC to really feel great. I still have numbness, swelling and bruising but I can already tell it is going to look amazing. I now have a waistline! Do your homework and make in informed decision. Best of luck!
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Those are the exact areas I'll be getting done on the 23rd of this month! I would definitely love to see pics as soon as you are able to post them~ I'm glad you are already AMAZING..hehe. Take care and happy healing!
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I go to my post op appointment tomorrow. I will get the before pics and they will take the new ones one week out. The only weird sensation is that your skin is not quite connected to your body yet. It feels a little scary and sepatated from the muscle wall.
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