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I Just Got Juvederm in my Lips

I went to an experienced plastic surgeon. First of...

I went to an experienced plastic surgeon. First of all, I was scared to death. I have somewhat full lips and just wanted enhancements but read all the horror stories. I knew I was going to someone who was experienced so I was hoping my experience would be good. Anyway, she was great..and she was a perfectionist and very professional. She put numbing cream on my lips. I could barely feel my lips but I still felt the needle. To be honest, it wasn't too bad. At times I had to breath through it and my eyes watered, but it was over before it got too intense. Anyway, at first I didn't really like how I looked cause I was afraid it changed my looks...but as the swellin went down, I now love it and it has only been two days. I have a small bruise from the injection site in the middle of my bottom lip but can't hardly be seen with makeup...I had a few bumps, but massaged them out gently but again by today my lips look really good and it's only 2 days...so i recommend doing it on a friday. I am glad I did it and again my lips look "model" worthy....

Good experience, a little bumpy, swell, I think it...

Good experience, a little bumpy, swell, I think it will be worth it once it goes down....I am glad I did it...i have seen others do it and it looks real good....just remember it is there for a while, so think it through as it could change your looks. It was a little painful, but the dr used numbing cream and it seemed to really help

For the bumpy lips, after 3 or 4 days, take an ice cold butter knife and gently press down until the bumps are gone. It works great and does not alter the look of your lips...only gets rid of the lumpy bumps.
Hi, I'm looking for a doc in Manhattan who does juvederm on lips. Could you give me the name of this doctor? Thank you so very much- I really appreciate it! Sincerely,Elysee
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