My Jowls Came Right Back After 6mos

Here it is 7 months later since the LSL....

Here it is 7 months later since the LSL. At first I was so happy, I looked much younger than my 52 years. No more jowl lines, no more puppet look around the mouth,  every one said I look much more relaxed and prettier . I am now very depressed to see nothing for my money.


thank goodness for all of you ladies....I had a panic attack thinking I was going to do this proceedure!!! thank God I cancelled it. They returned my deposit so so fast!!!!
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Hi C.Salaun..can you contact me ASAP?
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"I have a scar in the middle of my neck, I have no idea why. They said it was from the wrap, and did not seem very concerned. " I HAVE THE SAME and they told me the SAME THING!!! Also, the numbness with the face/ears..etc....the same with me...we are looking and trying for a class action...let me know how to reach you and we will keep you posted. My surgery was 1.5 yrs ago
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Dr Halaal

Very painful procedure and a real zoo like atmosphere. Wish I had gone to a real plastic surgeon.

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