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My Face Isn't Healin After Deep FX - Jordan

I had deep fx laser done before 5 days , My face...

I had deep fx laser done before 5 days , My face is still spotted with brown dots and few areas have been flaking off , I experienced no pain and no redness just few swollowness at the cheeks and eyes area , I'm terrified of the results , is my response nowmal? Most people should experience redness and peeling at the third day , I'm afraid that my face will end up scarred more than ever?Please tell me should I be worried? I've seen pictures for how the recovery should be and I think I'm not healing good , The areas which flaked off aren't red .


I had it done Friday. I'm experiencing the same problem and have the same worries. Is it effective? Did the scarring go away? How long did it take for the 'stamp' marks to go away?
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Saw your last post...but nothing after about how you are doing? Did the scarring go away? Hope you are OK. I consider deep FX sometime; but I am nervous about it.
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