Johnsons and Johnson Owned Mentor Saline Implants Fail

I am facing surgery number two for the second...

I am facing surgery number two for the second rupture of a Mentor saline implant. Both ruptures were spontaneous and were not deemed to be the outcome of something I did or didn't do.

The first time I had a rupture was approximately 3 years after the inital surgery/augmentation. The second was 2 months ago, March 2009. I have had to suffer living with a deflated breast because Mentor will not cover the expense of the capsular repair, something I incurred because of the rupture. This is what Mentor Corp refers to as "Enhanced Advantage" Warranty. The only thing Mentor has managed to "enhance" is the furrows between my brow due to the grief I've had to endure over this nightmarish situation.

I hope someone who is considering implants will read this and will research into some of the information on the internet regarding Mentor. Mentor allegedly falsified information about their rupture rates. They also tried to cover the fact that some of their implants were infested with fleas!

What you don't know may hurt you.

Hi, Sorry for the pain you are going through. If you read Mentor's copy of the complete program for the product replacement policy it states that, the Advantage Limited Warranty Program do not apply to removal of intact implants for capsular contracture.

Did they cover your first rupture implants? Did your second rupture happen during your PS performing capsular repair?

As a plastic surgeon practicing in Ogden, UT, I've had a better experience with the Natrelle(tm) (Allergan Medical) implants when it comes to rupture issues. Sorry to hear that you've had so much trouble. Best of luck. Brian K. Brzowski, MD
Salt Lake City Plastic Surgeon

The pain I've incurred is due to Mentor Implants not my doctor in SLC, Utah who was a "fair-good" plastic surgeon.

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