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I had always hated smiling because my bottom teeth...

I had always hated smiling because my bottom teeth were so crowded and overlapped. My insurance dropped the age limit on orthodontics so i knew it was time. I actually only have to pay around 1300 out of pocket. The first few months were tough. I kept breaking the wires in my sleep. Its been less than 5 months and they come off next week. After the first two weeks i was amazed at the change. My teeth are now almost perfect. I will post pics after they come off. Well worth it.
Hi and thanks for joining out braces community. :)  I'd love to see before pictures and the current state of your treatment.  Could you explain a bit more about how the wires kept breaking?  Also, did you perhaps mean that they raised the age limit on orthodontics?  (Otherwise, our lower age limit here on RealSelf is 13 so I have to make sure you're over 13.)
For clarification...most insurances will not pay for orthodontics for adults. My insurance dropped that rule and now pays 70% up to 2500. I am 38. That should clarify the age question.
I grind my teeth at night. Because of the positioning of my brackets, i kept popping two back ones off. Finally after fixing it the fourth time, they left those off since they were not vital. Braces are not made to be fun. There are headaches and tons of things you cant eat due to the color. However my teeth will be worth it. Pictures posted in a week after removal.

Video of my braces after one week.

One week to go: I hope...

Today is July 5th. I have had my braces less that 5 months. My bottom teeth were extremely overlapped. Now as you can see, they are almost perfect. Hopefully Wed. they will come off. My dentist is awesome. I have gone to him for years and he has done amazing with my teeth. The only thing I hate is that I have gained a little weight due to my soft food choices. Most people lose a little weight. Regular braces may not be as difficult as far as coloring etc. I will post more if they are removed or will answer any questions anyone has.
Thanks for sharing your story. I've had my braces on for about 8 months & they should be coming off next month. Its so exciting! Good for you for going through with adult braces. I agree, they're not fun at all, but in the end you have a beautiful smile :)
Good luck. Just be prepared for the teeth to hurt and be abnormally sensitive for awhile. Especially when the glue is coming off. Its a pain but I LOVE IT. I smiled all day today.

Finally off

I had my braces taken off today. They polished off the glue which was painful due to the sensitivity. They made 2 different sets of molds. I went this afternoon and they had my temporary retainers ready. They look like invisilign trays and I am getting permanent retainers placed on the back in 3 weeks. I still have a few chips in my lower teeth that he will fix when my teeth do not hurt so badly. They also gave me an Optic White Professional whitening take home kit which is exciting. I did find out that if I lose a retainer it will cost me 150.00. So im going to be extra careful. I am very happy with my teeth and it took less than 5 months. My bottom teeth were extremely overlapped and now they are perfectly lined.My top front tooth still needs to push back some and they are using the temporary retainers to do that.
That's awesome! Wish there was a before photo though!
Congratulations!  So you'll have a series of Essix retainers on the top to move the last tooth?  Or will you only need your final retainer in order to accomplish the movement?
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