Botox, Chemical Brow Lift - Johannesburg, South Africa

Have been doing this for 3 years, injections along...

Have been doing this for 3 years, injections along the brow line to minimally lift the brow. Did procedure 4 times in first year, now every 6 months or so. Even when the Botox starts to wear off, There are no perceptible lines on forehead or frown lines. I highly recommend this procedure, however choose who does your injections carefully, and don't overdo it, when overdone, looks unnatural.

Very great and perfect review !! You are right when it is overdone, it becomes unnatural and becomes lose.

That is great to hear that it is still working well for you after 3 years. You definitely make a great point about how important choosing a skilled injector is. Here is a blog that backs that up as well:

Staggering Differences in Satisfaction Between Board vs. Non-Board Certified Doctors

Thank you for stressing that to others, as safety with these types of treatments is so important.

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