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Don't Waste Your Money - Johannesburg, South Africa

Had Titan on my face about 4 years ago, had...

Had Titan on my face about 4 years ago, had absolutely zero perceptible result whatsoever. The practitioner did before and immediate after photos, the after photos did look minimally better, but think this was due to irritation and minor swelling at the time. Rather save up for a face lift, research your Doctor well, check his qualifications and get in touch with a few of his patients with his consent prior to having any elective surgery.


yes, an immediate 'after' picture is just going to show 'improvement' due to normal swelling. it's not a long lasting result by any means. i've seen titan 'after' pics at 90 and 180 days that show minor improvement, but the patients had several treatments. it's a minor improvement, if any, for a lot of money.
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Thank you for posting your review of this process.  I am sorry this treatment did not work out for you:(

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