Getting Really Frustrated-Invisalign is Not Totally Invisible! -Jersey City, NJ

I think I will write a review about the cons of...

I think I will write a review about the cons of Invisalign, since everyone seems to praise how great it is. First, I started one year ago, and my teeth already look much better . But, unlike metal braces, there is a lot of care in keeping the aligners clean, scheduling your meals and overall diligence. I am now on #25 of #33 aligners, so I am 75% done. But my Ortho put buttons on two of my top front teeth, which are def. evident, especially with the aligners in. I can tell that when I talk with someone they are looking down at my teeth to figure out what it is, whereas with metal you know exactly what you are looking at. I can see the end of the tunnel, but I must say this feels like a sentence more than a treatment.

Hey -- you're lucky you only had "buttons" on two teeth. I had 11 -- 3 on the top and 8 on the bottom. I had two of the top ones taken off a couple of weeks ago. Those teeth without the attachments feel so good! I can't wait to have the rest of them off.
I had more than 2, it is more like 13 now, but he added two recently which are not on the side but in front! Oh, I forgot to tell you how much my breath stinks now, the trays collect bacteria like you can't believe. My love life, what love life? I am getting used to celibacy-not fun.
I know what you mean.. Definitely not invisible. I'm at two years when I was originally told my treatment would only be for one. Looking back I don't know how I got through it! But, my teeth do look so much better. Only one tooth remains stubborn and still not straight.. I'm scheduled for what's supposed to be my last appt on Monday! Use Effordent to clean the aligners - it works great!
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