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I hated my chin & wanted it smaller and needed...

I hated my chin & wanted it smaller and needed neck tightened because he said it would be loose due to shortening the chin.

It was painful but I think worth it. The Dr has been really good to follow up with me and offered a free revision.

I had a chin reduction and a submentoplasty/platysmaplasty ?? done. Basically the Dr did a corset tightening of the muscle. He used the same incision for both procedures, with it being about 1.5" long under the chin. The chin was just burred down and looks fantastic. However the skin on my neck/under the chin is saggy. If I raise my chin up to show my scar, all in under there, it sinks in in the center but the skin is hanging loose. Could this be a "cobra deformity"? The Dr said he could revise it by snipping off extra skin using the same scar but a longer incision. He never took skin off the first time as I am young (36) and he thought it would retract. Does this sound like it would help or should I seek out another opinion? I am tempted because this would be a free revision and he seems like a good Dr, but I don't want to have a longer scar and it not really help matters any. Thank you.

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He seems very knowledgeable and caring.

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I am seeing the same thing. I had a platysmaplasty with a neck and lower face lift 4 weeks ago. As the swelling goes down, I notice the banding is still there. I am wondering if the stiches can tear during the healing time? If they do, would it be felt/cause pain? I still have some swelling and numbness and hoping that things will tighten up, I am just plain bummed out right now.
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My Dr. did a small, in office revision. Basically cut a little more skin off and sewed me back up. I still need a revision, but cannot afford it right now. Luckily its not too noticeable. But I think the platysmal bands have separated. Maybe in a few yrs I can get it done.
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Hi crg1277 -- Just wondering how you're doing now? Did you ever decide to get a revision surgery?

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Did you end up getting the procedure? I am curious because I am thinking of getting the same procedure myself. I had a chin implany (2 different ones) and it was a horrible experience. As a result, I am left with a crooked smile and a very uneven looking lower have of my face. Scar tissue under my chin makes it look larger, and as a result I have loose skin around my chin/neck. Worst. Doctor. Ever.
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The scar will heal (even a larger one) I speak from experience you can see my photos. I strongly recommend getting a revision since the doctor said he would do it. It can take awhile for skin to shrink.
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I would like to hear from the gal who had a necklift in Brazil. I would also like to know the Dr.'s name. I'm finding it hard to get referals for this procedure. I think it's because I live in Maine and not many people have cosmetic surgery. Please help!
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