Not sure if i wasted my $300.00 - Jacksonville, FL

Had a some small spider veins on my lower thigh. ...

Had a some small spider veins on my lower thigh. The spider veins were few but I thought I would do the treatment before it got worse. I am an active person and I excercise regularly. My diet is good. I have no history of varicose or spider veins in the family. Before I saw the nurse, an ultrasound was done. The tech looked for underlying problems that were not visible. Then I saw the nurse who performed scleratherapy. It was a little painful but I mamged. Hey what! I was going to have spider-vein free legs.


I had a similar event. About 10 years ago had a small area done. The spider veins disappeared right away. Last week I went in and had the injections done. I thought with the same solution....but not. Ended up with bad bruising and new spider veins showed up. Those treated faded only slightly. Now there's a deep pain that cramps up and down my leg. Hoping time will fade both the pain and more of the veins.
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That is disappointing for sure, are you thinking of trying anything else or are you over it?

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Prefer not to

After 3 weeks of treatment spider veins were still there. I would have liked a followup call from the nurse or center to see how I was doing after treatment. What a disappointment with the results! Would I recoomend this place? Not sure. I got the feeling that they were more interested in selling more expensive procedures and tried to get me to make another appointment to do more advanced tretament. My my few spider voins? NO!

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