Scheduled for my Breast Lift!! -Jacksonville, FL

Breast lift without implants. My current bra size...

Breast lift without implants. My current bra size is 38DD. Left breast is larger than right. I would love to be a lifted C-D cup. Dr. Obi said that I am a great candidate. Breast lift will require have the anchor incision. Not looking forward to the scarring. Having bilateral axillary "batwings" slim lipoed as well. Will have to stay in Jacksonville overnight. I will post before pictures later.


Good luck with upcoming surgery. Real Self is great source for information, support and a place to journal. Sharing your thoughts, feelings, questions and experiences helps everyone before, during and after procedures. Looking forward to hearing more and best wishes.
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before pics added

before pics... will add after pics as well!


Looking forward to your photos. Just in case, here is a helpful link on how to post photos. Don't worry about the will fade in time. How exciting to get the "bat wings" done too! :) Hoping you'll have someone with you on your first night of recovery to help you. Thank you for starting your journey on RealSelf. Keep us posted!

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Thanks, I will keep everyone updated!
Hey there please keep us updated, I'm thinking of having the same procedure done. Have u posted before pics, I don't see them?
Dr. L. Obi

Very thorough, knowledgeable.

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