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I have been wanting braces for a long time and...

I have been wanting braces for a long time and have finally decided to go through with it. So I've decided to go with ceramic braces. I have some crowding in my 4 upper and lower teeth in the front and I also have a cross bite. I'm going to be going to my local Orthodontics School for treatment and will get my Radiance Clear Braces on 1/5/12. Has anyone had these before that can share their experience with me? Also, I read when people get ceramic braces they only get them on the top front teeth and get metal ones on the sides and bottom. I have also seen people get them on the top and bottom , which is how I want mine. Has anyone had any bad experiences with getting ceramics on the top and bottom?


my teeth are front of my mouth i also use braces for 3months but my teeth were not strait . will u give me advice to solve my problem when my mouth is close my teeth were front kindly solve my problem

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Glad to hear you have decided on going through with braces!! You are probably feeling a funny mix of excitement & dread for the day you get them on.

Your question about why some people get ceramic on upper & lower, while others only get them on the upper is a good one! There was a question posted in the Q&A section that asked "How Are Clear Braces Different from Metal Braces?" and I think the dentists answers to this question give some insight as to why that might be. You can click here to read their answers.

Also, please feel free to post your exact question in the Q&A section if you would like to hear the opinions of the dentists on the site. :)

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