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Problems with Thigh Lift - Jacksonville, FL

I am 16 days post op from what was supposed to...

I am 16 days post op from what was supposed to have been full body lipo with massive debulking of my thighs and inner thigh lift with short scar. I am very upset with the outcome of my surgery. I was told it would be a 6+ hour surgery. It wound up only being three hours and with only light liposuction to portions of my leg. My Dr has said it was not the optimum result and has now scheduled me for revision liposuction for this Friday for which he is going to lipo thighs and knees again. He claims this is not going to affect the thigh lift; however, how is that possible? Wont liposuctioning the rear of my thighs (which are horrible and need it) and re liposuctioning the front and inner thigh to get more out actually worsen or mess up the thigh lift and require fixing of that as well?Wont it just become more loose with the loss of more fat?

I can still grab a large handful of fat on each of the front of my thighs and there is still massive dimpling of my legs with marked excess skin still remaining in the inner thigh. I can still pull up skin in my inner thigh and cant understand why they werent pulled tighter. It honestly doesn’t look like I have had a thigh lift. More importantly, my incision appears to be so close to my labia that it has literally reduced the size of the lower section of my left labia. Is this normal?

I have reviewed illustrations on line of where the incisions should have been and I see space in the illustrations between the incision and the labia -- with mine, there is literally NO space (and in fact appears to have encroached on the left one to the point of reduction). The scar is also so raised and bulbous, how is it ever going to flatten out with all of this height to it? The end of one of the incisions came undone and there appears to be exposed tissue. The doctor told me not to worry, that it would heal over?

For $11,000 it appear to be a waste of money.

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Sorry to hear about your experience! I hope you're dojng much better! Who is the plastic surgeon that did the thigh lift? This wod be very beneficial for us who are here in Jax!!!
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So sorry to hear of your situation. I am looking for a surgeon in Jacksonville for this same surgery. who did you use?
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For gals like us that carry so much weight in the legs it's a hard one! I searched high and low for the right doctor. Alot of them do the medial thigh lift but not alot with the verticle. From experience I will tell you that debulking your legs will provide you with only lose sagging skin. Sorry to be so frank but I did it that way too. I am 8 weeks post op from a VTH and I couldn't tell you how many times the first 3 weeks I would look at my inner thighs and cry cuz I was so happy. No, my legs aren't pretty - never will be but I atleast feel a little more "normal" now. Not sure if you are up to traveling but my Dr really specializes in body conturing. He is Siamak Agha - I know his prior partner Hurwitz is in Pittsburgh. I would absolutely get a second opinion before I'd let him near me again.
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WHAT!!! Get a second opinion from a American Board Certified Doctor. It takes six month for the swelling to go down from lipo. more lipo will most likely make your skin looser. You might not be as bad as you think at this point. As for the thigh lift the swelling from the sutures will go down, I would ask your Doctor for a topical cream to help with the healing. Please take the time to see two different doctors before you go under again. Good luck and keep us updated.:-)
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Gosh-I wonder how you are doing? Did you wear compression garmets/massage? Did you return to this doctor? Those photos are pretty rough as it looks like the sutures were anchored poorly pulling your labia majora down. I really hope you are doing OK
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