I lost a lot of weight (70lbs or so) many years...

I lost a lot of weight (70lbs or so) many years ago and have had the aftermath of the hanging skin and fat pockets since. I'm very active (run, surf, cycle, swim, etc) and am too embarassed to take off my shirt. Even doing these activities with a shirt on is difficult due to the loose skin. I also want to be able to feel comfortable around my boys and have them see a "normal" body, so I decided to do the surgery--the anxiety of being put to sleep is excrusiating! I'm also worried it may not look as good as I hope--I've seen photos of some pretty aweful results--but also seen some great work, so trying to focus on that. Not sure why I writing this other than needed to lay it out and come back to journal for others as this site has really been a big help!! Thank you to everyone that posts here and shows their pictures--I will get some up as well.

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7 hrs post TT-- very sore and excruciating pain if...

7 hrs post TT-- very sore and excruciating pain if I cough. Haven't looked yet and probably won't for some time.


Ok, so my wife took off the wrap to apply a cream my PS prescribed, and the upper left abdomen is swollen compared to the rest, is this normal? Also, my testicles are very swollen and red--Dr. And another website said this is common and not medically harmful? A bit distressed over these! Did anyone sleep in recliner rather than a bed? Sorry for all the questions!
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24hrs later and I am very sore, sometimes extreme pain--but typically only when walking around or coughing. I'm told this is all normal. I would really like to see it, but then again afraid it will look terrible simply due to swelling--holding off for now.
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hang in there. It gets better every day
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I feel a bit stronger today--walking a little more...

I feel a bit stronger today--walking a little more and a bit easier. Def trying not to overdue it! I am surprised by how winded I get tho, shocker from just walking around the house! Oh yeah, major constipation, not liking this at all!


Hang in there!!!   Things will get better but the first week is the worst.  The swelling is unfortunately a part of this process.  Trust me us women swell and get what we call our "Man Package".  Use ice as needed and just rest.  Elevate the legs as well.


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It is all normal. I slept in a reclyner the first two weeks.
Thank you!

I'm not having any luck uploading pics, I've tried...

I'm not having any luck uploading pics, I've tried from my phone and laptop to no avail. Any suggestions-both are Mac, is that an issue?


You'll do real well. All you can see for now and a few more days is the swelling and stuff. 3 months from now you'll be looking in the mirror with 95% return of normal sensation (I did acupuncture for expedited healing) and saying to yourself H*** Yes, this is great. If you don't record or log what you are going through now, you wont even remember it. The brain likes to hang on to the good stuff. i thought the recovery was a great adventure; but the laughing and sneezing was OMG taint doing that again!
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Thank you for the encouragement! Yes, other people's experience and my Dr. telling me it will resolve definitely keeps me hopeful, because the swelling is wicked crazy and almost defies logic! Did you ever feel like you might literally pop? As for coughing and sneezing, that was horrible!! LOL!
Cannot figure out how to get the after pics rotated clockwise. I'm very pleased with the side view, and can see the potential of the front--I just find all the dried blood in the belly button a bit gross, and with all the MASSIVE swelling the front just isn't there yet for me. I'm 3 weeks PO today and still have 1 drain in, but everything appears to be relatively healthy (no infections that I can tell), but really need to be able to fit into my pre-op pants. They are so tight I have to use one of my wife's hair ties to button them and then synch up with my belt--luckily we are business casual and can wear square bottom shirts without needing to tuck them in. What if find astonishing is the fact that I clearly shed some major skin and I'm down 6 pounds on the scales, but my pants don't fit--very odd. Thanks to this site and all of you who post I have confidence that I too will deflate some and get back into my pre-op pants.
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My wife had breast job done after our kids and now that they are getting school aged I wanted to get this done, so went to him since he did a great job for her.

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