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Well after many yrs of considering some type of...

Well after many yrs of considering some type of surgery to get rid of my "baby pocket" I've finally made a choice. Ten yrs ago I wanted a tummy tuck but knew someone who passed away after the procedure and it really scared
me. About 5 yrs later I decided it would be lipo. Now I've made my final decision. I'm having a BBL, the best of both worlds!
I had my consultation with Dr. Wallace at Costal Costemics on Monday and knew right away this was the right doctor and the right staff. They were super nice but more than anything Dr. Wallace talked about the good and the back when transferring fat to different areas of the body. His past experience with burn patients and how he has used that knowledge to improve upon his
costemic surgery techniques made me feel even better about the entire process.
My pre-op appt is 8/22 and the big day is 8/29. I'll keep you'll posted.


good luck. keep me posted. Did the Dr. say how many cc's he can give you?
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Congrats. I also live in Jville- I had my tummy tuck done by Dr. Hollie Hickman..let me tell you she is AMAZING!!! Might be worth it to just get another free consult. I paid about the same amount and the results surpassed anything I could have imagined. I have a very thin scar- the scar is from hip to hip and Very LOW. This may sound crazy but its like a perfect scar- the same on both sides- I think she is a perfectionist. I can send you pictures if you would like to see my before and after its pretty amazing.
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congrats girlie:D Duuuuuuuvvvvalllllll!!!!!!!!!! LOL. I live in Jacksonville as well. Good luck on your journey
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Vitamins Pre Op???

My procedure is scheduled for 8/29, I have seen a couple post about taking vitamins. I'm curious if this is something you ladies decided to do to boost your immune system or if recommended by you doc. After seeing a post yesterday with someone battling MRSA I want to do all that I can to have a strong immune strong immune system going into this surgery. Any advice???


@3.newme if I recall 500cc. @ellen9674 I'm only doing lipo and BBL but I would luv to see ur pics. @nukko lol duvals finest...I might be able to make that list after my surgery.
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Lol hell yea girl!!!!!! I know we all go make that list after our surgeries!! I'm going out of the country to have my bbl done with Dr. Duran. So we go be popping our fresh new booties when we get them, lol

Nine weeks to go!

I look at this site every day, some times multiple times a day. The post and pics are great. I'm learning so much, from the items to buy to what not to do in the first 6 weeks. Thanks to all the ladies that post to this site.


So are you getting a tummy tuck too? Hus tummy tucks are less invasive as others with result outcome. I sorry for your loss...
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Eight Weeks and Counting

Posting a few more pre-op pics. I can't wait for my BBL!!!


I live in Jacksonville also. Good luck on your procedure! Plz keep us updated.
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