2 Months After Explant - Jacksonville, FL

I had saline 325 cc Allergen implants put in...

I had saline 325 cc Allergen implants put in November 2011. In May 2012 I started getting all kinds of weird undiagnosable symptoms such as body aches, tingling and a brain fog/dizziness/lightheadedness feeling. I suspected it mught be my implants so in July I had them removed with a partial capsulectomy.

I still dont feel any better. I feel like I have fibromyalgia type symptoms and I know in my heart that it was brought on by the implants. I have always been very healthy, I'm only 33 yrs old!

I'm trying everything I can to feel better...changing my diet to eat healthier whole foods, taking supplements, doing acupuncture, yoga. I'm trying really hard to stay positivebut I definitely have my down days. I'm just so worried I'll never feel like myself again.

Did anyone else experience this after their removal and get better eventually? My family thinks I need to give it a lot more time but I feel like since I only had the implants in for 8 mths it shouldnt take long for my body to recover. I just dont know what to think anymore.

It does take time to recover. Many need to detox quite significantly - as there is silicone in the shells of saline implants. And if they were textured there is all sorts of stuff that flake off & can get into your lymoh nodes. Dr Susan Kolb's book "The Naked Teuth about Breast Implants" explains it all - or look on her Plastikos website - they have a lengthy detox protocol on the site - and search Dr Susan Kolb for vids of her talking about all these issues. xx
Thank you! I hope you feel better soon. I will definitely keep you posted. I think the hardest thing is not being able to have a reason as to why we feel these symptoms. You are not alone... I have been feeling similar to what you are experiencing.
Please keep me posted about your progress. :-)
I wish you luck on your explant and please keep me posted on how it goes! What I can't really understand with me is that I had my implants in for such a short time, not even a year! So that's why I don't truly know what is causing my symptoms.
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