Thinking About Doing The BBL - Jacksonville, FL

So I was really thinking about getting a tummy...

So I was really thinking about getting a tummy tuck in June of 2013 & someone told me I should get the Brazilian butt lift. At first I was like what's that? & she told me to research it & I ended up here. I've been reading this page & looking at photos all day & decided to join.

I have so many questions & I'm super scared. I'm 22 by the way & I'm 5'2 & I weigh 160 lbs. before I had my marvelous bundle of joy I was 120 lbs but 7 years later I just can't seem to get rid of my stomach fat. So this leads to to getting the Brazilian butt lift as a gift to myself for my 23rd birthday.

My first question is... How do I find the perfect doctor? by the way I live in Jacksonville, Florida.

Does it hurt? How long does it take it heal? & how much is the cost of the surgery?


Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your journey with us.

It might be useful for you to read through some of the reviews from our other BBL ladies. There are hundreds of reviews and they cover all aspects of what you will experience with a BBL.

You can also use our doctor finder feature in order to find board certified, BBL surgeons, throughout the USA and Canada. Just click the link, choose a city/state and then choose BBL.

I hope this helps and please do keep us updated with your progress!

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