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I went in to get rid of a few lines that were...

I went in to get rid of a few lines that were forming across my forehead. Had a great doctor with a very good reputation. By day four, my lines were GONE...amazing!! Love it! It didn't hurt to get injected, either. He injected three places in my forehead. I will definitely get this again and wish I had gone sooner.


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Wow, four days and all your lines are gone, that's fantastic! You said you wished you had done it sooner, how long had you been researching/thinking about Botox? I'm glad you had such an experienced doctor. Many community members mention how important that is. We would love to see pictures! Please keep us updated. 

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Thanks, Britt! It's now been about ten days and the lines are just totally gone. I didn't know it would be this effective. I'll try to post pics soon. I'm considering restylane by this same doctor.

Yeah pictures would be awesome! Based on the Restylane community I've heard it lasts longer than Botox. You might want to check out some of the Restylane reviews. Keep us updated.



Dr. Adair Blackledge

Great doctor with obvious experience and a caring attitude. Did a perfect job on my forehead lines.

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