I am the mother of five children two of whom were...

I am the mother of five children two of whom were over nine lbs. I also became a mother at a very young age (16). Since I was only 105 lbs. and gained so much weight I ended up with stretch marks, sagging skin, and a poof of fat that just won't go away despite rigorous diet and exercise! Breastfeeding has left my breasts in hollow condition. I also suffer from pcos which has made maintaing a decent weight a constant struggle but i workout daily and try to eat as healthy as possible. I am 5'2" and my current weight is 139. I am hitting the gym hard trying to prepare for surgery and to tone up and loose as mich weight as possible. Also hoping to better control my pcos. 128 is my ideal weight!! I am done having children and I am totally ready to get my body back. My husband is paying for te surgery as his thank you gift to me for having his lovely children!

It's finally setting in that I am finally getting...

It's finally setting in that I am finally getting to have this surgery! I am getting my tubes tied next week! I have also begun shopping for all the supplies that I think I will need. My plan is to be as prepared as possible an to have it go as smooth as possible. I have already purchased scarguard, ace bandage, colace, milk of magnesia, next are paper tape..and I have picked up my meds. Next on my list: walker, shower chair, heating pad, ice packs, and maybe a recliner? I am so ready lol

The thoughts that are going through my head right...

The thoughts that are going through my head right now are..geez this waiting is taking forever, am I going to be able to bare the pain? And will I be satisfied with the results? Although I am sure anything is better than the excess skin and fat that won't go away no matter what! I am also wondering exactly what kind and what size implants I will finally go with. At first I was only getting a tummy tuck but then I decided to make it all one trip, one surgery which would be easier and also more affordable. I do NOT live in the town I am having surgery in, so we will be traveling out of town and I will be away from my kids for quite a few days :( I would LOVE to go up to a natural looking D cup. I am petite but I have a very wide rib cage so I think bigger would look normal on me. I hear so many stories of people going to small and then regretting it so to be safer than sorry D cups it is! This way they won't be outrageously big but also not disappointingly small either. I have been working out every day and also I am currently on a detox program to strengthen my body before surgery and to slim down as much as I can in a healthy way. My husband said " you can't just be cute boobs and stomach, you have to make sure the rest of your body matches." My only other concern is that I would LOVE to wear a bikini but I have some hips and thighs on me (others tell me that it's not so bad) but in order for me to feel fully comfortable I need them to slim down a bit and tone up. I am satisfied with my butt :) it will look bigger after this gut is gone but it also needs a tone up before hitting the beach. Overall I am most excited about hitting the beach with my family this summer, no more days of hiding because I am embarrassed of my body. I hate when people look at me cause my arms and legs aren't that bad but then I have this disproportionate gut that deflects from that and I can always see people eyeballing the gut :( I had a friend tell me I was stupid for doing this but truth is I don't think I am, I have been a great Mom and I deserve it! I didn't even use credit...me and my husband saved and scarified to pay it all in cash!! I have carried five children and I'm proud but also time to take care of Mommy!

So today is the day that my surgery is paid in...

So today is the day that my surgery is paid in full!! I am so excited, and I now feel like I can take a deep breath and begin really planning for this trip. I have a lot of things to square away with my kids etc. I also am trying to continue to loose weight. I am down to 139 lbs. as of now. However since i got my tubes tied not to long ago I have been advised not to run or weight lift :( Sure wish I could because I am sure that would boost my weight loss a lot.

Well, I have exactly

Well, I have exactly

Exactly 22 days left til my Mommy Makeover!! I...

Exactly 22 days left til my Mommy Makeover!! I keep asking myself why I am so excited to be headed towards something so painful? But, I guess it is the hope of the results that will come after that which excite me so much? I just really can't wait to be able to feel more confident about myself and to sit down and not see a hanging muffin top there. Is till feel very anxious, simply because I am traveling out of town and there are so many more details to get together for the trip. Also my PS is going to remove my drains on day 3 before I leave to go back home. I am going to EMAIl them and make sure this will not increase my chance of developing a seroma :( It feels like the days are going REALLY REALLY slow..I wish the day was here already. I really have no fear of going into the surgery at all. I just have anxiety leading up to it being over with already.

Well..11 days left til I arrive in Michigan for my...

Well..11 days left til I arrive in Michigan for my preop and then surgery the following day! I must admitt my nerves are starting to kick in. I did buy a walker :-) and some scar away patches. I have een working out faithfully everyday in attempts to try and get as close to my ideal weight as possible. The most stressful part has been planning to leave my kids. :-( I worry so much about them being here without mom or dad. My parents are not supportive at also they will most likely stay with their aunt. I have made all travel arrangements as well as booked the hotel where I will e staying until my drains are removed on day three. I just pray for no complications! I am feeling nostalgic and emotional. It is still very surreal...I can't believe it's finally happening. I am so thankful. I have packed a range of different clothes in case and they are all on the bigger side in lieu of swelling. Also I have packed Arnica for bruising. I am having a full muscle repair and lipo so I expect soreness. I just wish I could fast forward to my recovery being over.

Just four more days til my surgery! It seems to be...

Just four more days til my surgery! It seems to be all that dominates my mind these days. I can't stop wondering what I will look like after?? It is just so unfathomable. My biggest anxieties right now are traveling out of town and traveling back home. My husband will be staying behind with the kids an my best friend will be going so I am going to really miss my kids and hubby so much the week that I am gone. I will be calling the hotel home for five and a half days. My suitcases are packed and I keep feeling like I may have forgot something. It is hard to pack when you don't know what to expect. I packed loose jogging pants and sundresses so depending on the weather! I also packed lots of loose pj bottoms and I will be wearing a zip up hoodie the day of surgery so that I don't have to lift my arms up much. I bought crackers, coconut water, Luna bars, veggie soup broth and chicken soup broth for post op goodies I picked up my script for nausea pills. They are gonna have to give me percosets cause I am too sensitive to Vicodin it makes me dizzy and gives me a BAD headache.

So I just had my preop and I am in Michigan...

So I just had my preop and I am in Michigan finally. I took my pics which was very uncomfortable for me lol. I don't get nude in front of anybody so that was hard but I did it cause it was necessary. So I decided on going with 360 cc and he said that my scar may not be as low as I wanted it to be but he will put it as low as possible. I am very excited!!! I got my script for percosets since Vicodin makes me so sick. His staff is very friendly and so is the doctor! They make you feel very comfortable and at home. My husband ended up traveling with me after all which is fantastic and a huge bonus!!! Tomorrow I will have a new and different body at last. I'm headed to the hotel to relax, shower and chill. Probably have some cuddle time with the hubby because tomorrow I will be in pain :( I will try to update tomorrow.

Had surgery this morning and just getting into the...

Had surgery this morning and just getting into the hotel. Well let me say that so far it has been very smooth! My hubby has been the greatest and has been helping me every step of the way. I went to the surgical center at 8:30 and was taken back really quickly. They did my vitals, placed my IV and briefed me on what to expect. Every single person in the surgery center was amazingly friendly, helpful and uplifting. I just remember dozing off in the OR feeling incredibly nervous and anxious. I woke up in absolute pain thinking what have I done to myself. I can't really feel my boobs or tumny right now so they don't feel like I had anything done lol. Well after I told them about my pain they gave me a pill that took almost all of it away.

So they did put an anti-nausea patch behind my ear...

So they did put an anti-nausea patch behind my ear Preop. I was able to tolerate some cranberry juice, ice chips and apple juice. I just ate some chicken soup. I will absolutely recommend a walker to anyone because so far it has really helped me!!!! Also it visually lets people who see me know that I need to be careful and move slow. I haven't been able to see anything yet :( but my hubby took pictures of my journey so as soon as I'm able then I will post them. I have a follow up appointment in the morning because I'm leaving town soon to go back home. I keep dozing in an out of sleep without even realize that I am doing it. I only had one scary thing happen, I fainted at the surgical center and my blood pressure dropped low but they had me sit down with cold rag. Well I will probably post more tomorrow but right now I'm tired.

So I am one day post op!!!!! Feels great to say...

So I am one day post op!!!!! Feels great to say that. I slept really well last night. I have no pain unless I move =( I did wake up in pain but it was because I had slept so long that I missed out on my pain pills. I am able to get around using my walker even though I am still very hunched over. I ate some soup for breakfast and last night I was starving so I ate a lean cuisine. I slept with a rolled up towel under my knees and a small one rolled up and placed at my buttons to keep it from hurting and four pillows stacked behind my back, head and neck. That worked out really well and it kept me in somewhat of an upright position. I am actually at the doctors office now waiting to be assessed to see if I am clear to travel home today. I only have one drain in a well which I'm thrilled with. Now I need to get a recliner.
My hubby has been a godsend!! He has been at my every beck and call. Jackson has been a very friendly town and I will miss it. My kids will be coming back home so I hope that they will let mommie rest! I miss them but I just wanna get rest and not overdo it. Well that's it for now lol. I will follow up with a surgeon in my home town on Tuesday and hopefully get my drain out then. I can't figure out how to post pics from my phone so as soon as I am able to then I will post a few pics.

Post op day 2: well I slept really well in my...

Post op day 2: well I slept really well in my recliner last night!! I was able to get up to go to the bathroom four times last night by myself with the help of my walker. My drain is still not draining anything!! I've had some oatmeal for breakfast and I'm chillin in my recliner. I've been drinking lots of water as well. So far the pain is completely bearable but I do keep drifting in and out of it cause of the pain pills. My husband has been catering to me like I'm a queen. I still haven't seen my tummy but so far it feels big and I hope that it's just swelling!! I will follow up with the doc on Tuesday. My breasts don't really hurt they just feel like they are engorged. My daughters smiles cheered me up this morning. They have been gentle with me and I think they understand that mommie needs them to take it easy on her lol. No nausea so far =)

POST OP: Day three Well, I am making it through....

POST OP: Day three
Well, I am making it through. I have been mostly confined to my recliner. I have been getting up to walk though. Today has been the hardest day so far because I have somewhat of a headache and I'm feeling a little depressed about being confined to my house and not being able to move around yet. I still haven't seen my stomach at all but with this garment on it seems VERY swollen. My drain is still not draining anything more than a few drops. I'm going to be attempting a shower today but I am terrified to be out of my compression garment and even more so to put it back on!! I'm starting to be able to feel a burning sensation most likely coming from my incision but it is tolerable I don't regret my decision at all but just wish the funner times Ahead would hurry up and get here already! Well that's it for now, I'll update more later. I don't have access to a computer so I can upload recent pics

Post OP DAY: 4 wow what a difference a day makes!...

Post OP DAY: 4 wow what a difference a day makes! I am able to stand more upright, I am a lot less sore and I'm just feeling better in general. I chickened out on my shower yesterday but I will be having one for sure today. My body keeps wanting to cough and boy do I wish it would stop that. My breasts really don't bother at all an still feel really high up and foreign to my body. It's Saturday so all of my kid are home from school, which means the peace and quiet is gone lol. My tummy feels like some of the swelling has decreased. It felt great to be able to wake up with a smile on my face. I was able to have a bowel movement with no problem or pain this morning. My husband was laughing because I was excited about pooping. I have been taking a stool softener so I think that really helped. I ordered my stage 2 compression garment online yesterday from the make me heal website. I figured it's best to be prepared and have it ready then to wait so I won't start using it until the PS clears me but at least I'll have it on hand. My drain may come out today so keep your fingers crossed for me. I am down to almost no painkillers just maybe two vicodin a day and Motrin. I'm really not in as much pain as initially. For those who say day 4 you turn the corner I would have to agree! Have a good weekend and Hapy healing everyone!

Took my shower and that was really rough!!! My...

Took my shower and that was really rough!!! My husband and my best friend helped me. It was very hard to breathe without my compression garment on. I feel so much fresher after that. I saw my breasts which I think look pretty good. I really didn't get to see my stomach but I didn't like what I did see :-( I really hope it will turn out how I envisioned it to! My scar appears to be pretty close to my belly button and I'm hoping not too close. Also I still feel a lot of fat on my abdomen but I pray it's just swelling! My drain is now out though!!! I will be patient with the healing and pray for a flat tummy with a cute BB and a low scar!

Post Op Day 6: so today is already day six!!! My...

Post Op Day 6: so today is already day six!!! My back hurts :-( its still hard to stand up straight and I'm super swollen! Im sure there will be better days so I'm just trying not to focus on where I am in the healing process right now at this moment in time. I haven't left the house not once since surgery day. I am really itching to get out. All of my clothes from preop fit very tight at the waist and hips area. I'm not sure why my hips look and feel so swollen. I am hoping that I didn't gain that much weight from sitting around all day everyday. I have been trying to watch what I eat but I'm the health enthusiast, not my husband who is fixing my meals. I really hope I didn't gain weight as it has taken a LOT of effort to even get down to 134 preop. I officially missing the gym right now like crazy! I kinda can't wait til my post op appointment to ask some questions. I am so sorry that I can't post pics yet I am really going to Truro get to the computer today to post some. My tummy doesn't really look like any I've seen on here to me. I'll post a pic and let me know what you think. As far as my breasts I think that they barely bother me and I tend to forget that I've had them done. They don't seem that huge at all. I'm so curious to see what size they will round about to being in the end. I was going for a D cup but idk if they made it that big, well see. Took my steri strips off of my breast incisions yesterday. Well I'm getting off of here to go daydream about the day that I am healed and my life is back to normal...or well...better than normal I hope!

Post Op Day 7: I finally left the house but just...

Post Op Day 7: I finally left the house but just for a lil bit. I woke up feeling very sore but not in pain. My swelling appears to have gone down quite a bit but it is still significant enough to keep me from fitting preop clothes and from looking like I even had a tumny tuck. I'm only taking Vicodin when I go to bed or when I start feeling a lot of pain, otherwise Motrin is doing the trick. I am wearing a regular bra as of today because I decided it was well beyond time to wash my surgical bra ( which I still my pit back on) when it looks and smells fresher. Not being able to do anything is starting to stress me so much but I keep telling myself to hang in there. I really don't feel any pain from my incision just muscle soreness. I am headed to the PS today for a post op checkup. Im nervous yet can't wait to see what's he says about my progress. I have no clue what size my breasts are but the bra I have on is a 34 C but I tried on my bikini top (American Eagle XL and it fits perfectly with some cleavage to spare so...I'm not sure hmmm...

Well I'm on day 8 Post Op: so I had my post op...

Well I'm on day 8 Post Op: so I had my post op follow up appointment yesterday. The PS reassures me that everything is going as normal. The doc says that I am still just very swollen....no fluid, just swollen. My breasts are also healing properly but haven't dropped at all. I wore a regular bra for the first time yesterday and since I've alway had smaller breasts I was not prepared for people staring at my breasts or even my breasts kinda popping out of my tank top lol. I am enjoying filling my clothes out more but I'm going to need a new wardrobe cause my boobies don't fit into most of my tops. My hubby is definitely liking the new breasts! My stomach is a lot sorer and I think that is because the numbness is going away and I am starting to feel my tummy again.

Post op day 9: well today I have just been chillin...

Post op day 9: well today I have just been chillin around the house and spending a lot more time in my recliner. PS says I'm pretty swollen and even though I haven't been doing much as is I decided in order to get the best result I will just do even less lol. My tummy is more tighter an uncomfortable than yesterday and the day before or so it seems. It still looks pretty weird to me and not at all like I expected even for the recovery phase. I have to remove my steri strips from my incision in the shower today. Well I'm not able to do nearly as much as most of you on here seem to be able, I guess it's okay cause it has to get better there's no way around it...it has to happen sooner or later. Ive been feeling a bit blue, I believe it is because my life feels completely out of my control right now as I am not able to go anywhere, workout, or even help clean my house. Just taking a shower is a difficult task for me. I was waiting on my stage 2 compression garment in the mail but it got lost or stolen so I have to wait for them to send out another one =( this binder is so bulky I can't wait til around 14-15 days post op to use the garment so I can feel more comfy. Well that's all I can report for now. Xoxoxoxo

Okay, so I am finally string to get excited! As I...

Okay, so I am finally string to get excited! As I see my binder being able to be wrapped smaller and smaller. And my tummy still looks pretty weird but it is looking a lot better and I think I can envision what it will maybe look like post swelling and healing. I can't wait to get my other garment so that I can rid myself of the bulkiness of this binder. It has been in the 80s the past two days and so my clothes are pretty slim and this binder is more than obvious beneath my clothes. I did have to buy a few tops and bottoms that are bigger because my shirts are all size small and don't fit with my new. Breasts and my waist is swollen. I will do the big shopping spree when all swelling has gone down. My breasts are still up pretty high. They look amazing though, and although they are pretty big I think that they look proportionate to my body. I only have a slight hunch in my back now. A lot of the swelling in my thighs has gone down. I am going to continue to try and watch what I eat and how much because one) I have PCOS and gain weight very quickly and two) cause I wanna protect my investment...also I have worked so hard the past few months to get down to 134 that I wanna keep close to that weight so that I can get down to my ideal weight of 125 lbs. since I can't workout and am mostly sitting on my butt all day I think that the only thing I can do to prevent weight gain is Eat healthy, and boy is it hard when your bored sitting around and all you have to do is eat lol. I miss the gym times a million!!! I can't wait til I can go back!! I miss being able to run and play with my kids but I guess it's a worthy sacrifice because when I heal I will now have the confidence to go anywhere with my babies. I won't have that embarrassing kangaroo pouch on my lap anymore :-) and my clothes will fit better because my breasts are no longer deflated. I'm so thankful to have been able to get this surgery.

So today has been a rough day emotionally! I am...

So today has been a rough day emotionally! I am feeling a whole lot better now though I am Able to stand almost completely straight up and I am in very minimal pain in fact I'm down to taking Motrin once a day. I'm out of the recliner and back in my bed laying quite comfortably on my back almost flat (with one pillow). I can really see a huge decrease in my swelling :-) although my tummy still isn't exactly flat and has a lot of bruising and scratches on it. My breasts are fine except that my right breast feels a lil harder than the left and has some pain and tingling and under my arm hurts..I believe due to lifting it up more than the left? I never thought about this one small yet huge detail: I cannot feel my nipples :-(((( I am literally praying that the sensation comes back because for me they are very central to my sex life!!! Even when I had very small saggy breast! I have been doing the breast massages. I tried on a few things braless with my new breasts and wow...simply amazing!!! I need a whole new wardrobe because my breasts don't fit in my size small shirts and I have no "cleavage" shirts cause I hid my breasts before :-( so I tried on my bikini which was kinda a dissappointment cause my scar is not as low as I had anticipated and it comes right to the top of my bikini bottom and I am scared it will expose my TT secret. Like what if I play volleyball ? I better pray that my bottom doesn't move. Overall I'm pretty pleased with progress. I guess it just takes time? I can feel burning, pulling tingly sensation in my abdomen, weird yet reassuring cause the feeling is coming back yay!

So, I realized that I forgot a lot of details. I...

So, I realized that I forgot a lot of details. I had saline implants 385 in left 375 in the other through crease incision. I got my drain out on day 4:no pain whatsoever I promise. I felt nervous and I felt a slithering sensation but it was quick. Also all of my stitches were completely dissolvable :-) my surgery was 4 hours long. I had a full muscle repair and lipo around the incision and at my ribs right below my boobs. I never drained more than maybe 20cc so that's why my drains were able to come out so prematurely... And then after the first day if surgery I wouldn't drain more than a few drops literally. I was expecting a ton of drainage but it never came. He did have to cut my areola a lil in order to make them appear the same because preop one breast was a lil saggier than the other. He did a great job though and the incision is healing beautifully already.

So, went an bought a really nice pushup bra an the...

So, went an bought a really nice pushup bra an the verdict is after being measured I am a 34DD!!!! Still doesn't look all that big on me, guess its cause I have wide hips and Also a very wide rib cage. I also bought a body shaper that goes from run cage to thighs at Victoria Secret for roughly $36.00 bucks and it is actually pretty good. It provides moderate compression but getting it up an down is heck so Ive been having hubby help me. I will NOT be sleeping in this thing though lol. I'm still waiting for my medical grade compression garment to come in the mail but until then this is a less bulky more acceptable option for unde my clothes! I swole up quite a bit after we went out but I came right home and put my legs up and chilled. I'm following docs orders..no lifting or anything too strenuous. Well at this point in time I have no regrets about my surgery and I will say that I am very glad that I did it! It was well worth my increased confidence. My hubby and BFF keep complimenting me. I just want the bottom of my abdomen to go down. When I post pics you'll be able to see that there is a line down the bottom and two pieces that look kinda fatty :-( I pray everyday that when I get my final result it goes away completely.

Post Op Day 15: So I posted a few pictures of what...

Post Op Day 15: So I posted a few pictures of what my tummy looks like and I will post a few of my breasts later. If anyone wants to take a look and see and tell me what they think. I think that the top looks decent despite all the scratching and the bruising but I am just a bit concerned with the bottom..it looks funny to me. The PS says that I am just very swollen and I am taking that into consideration 100% but I just get discouraged because I see PLENTY of people on here that despite being swollen seem to still be much flatter than me. IDK, I guess I would feel more reassured if I saw at least one stomach that looked similar to mine :-( I wear my compression 24/7 except showering and I am taking it super easy so as not to prompt more swelling. I am also taking Arnica and drinking lots of water. My husband says I should stop assessing it until I hit the six week mark, maybe he is right LOL. My scar is pretty thin at this point and I began scar therapy yesterday with silicone strips. I feel pretty good but nowhere even close to near where I usually would be as far as energy and stamina. My breasts are still pretty sore and my nipples are now starting to kinda hurt which I am fine with as long as they regain feeling!!!! I feel a lil worthless these days lol...I just sit or lay around watching law and order SVU while my poor hubby does everything...chores, store, drop kids off, pick kids up etc. At least as of yesterday I was finally able to shower completely on my own without a shower chair YAY! It definitely made me feel independent again haha. Well, I guess I will update when I have more to say. take care Real Selfers and tose with upcoming surgeries..GOOD LUCK!! Best Wishes.

So I felt great today, I'm walking completely...

So I felt great today, I'm walking completely upright!! Mt stomach looks a lot better but it's still swollen and hard at the botto
The only place numb on my tummy is between my navel and my pubic bone. My breasts are great, they are softening up but I switched to a sports bra cause my bra was rubbing my right incision back open even with gauze. I went for a short walk today with minimal swelling. I've unfortunately gained a few pounds :-( I bought a spanx size medium and it fits but it's so uncomfortable so I'm back in my binder. I'll try it again when more swelling goes down. Its been a journey but it feels that my toughest days so far are hopefully behind me! My friend came over and said that I look great. I'm considering getting bromelain to see if it will help with my sweling. I heard it can take up to two weeks to work but I've got nothing but time on my hands. I'm trying to increase my water intake. My medical grade compression girdle comes tomorrow stage 2 yay! Let's hope it fits and comfortably.

Well I finally got my stage 2 compression garment!...

Well I finally got my stage 2 compression garment! Verdict is out: I love it! It provides firm compression but is thin not bulky at all! I actually wore I tank top today and looked almost flat. Just had to share me excitement. Woke up today still swollen but much less than before. I'm pushing the fluids lots of water I think it helps. Plus arnica water and spray for my bruises and scratches. My breasts are softening up and nipples are regaining feeling. So far, Worth it rating! My incision is burning a lot cause it's healing.

So my incision is bleeding in the front!!!! I have...

So my incision is bleeding in the front!!!! I have no clue how open it is or how it happened. I can't find the PS after hours number and hubby isn't here so I put some band aids on it and put myself on bed rest. I noticed because when I pulled my shirt up my compression garment had blood on it right near where my incision is so I checked and blood was running out like water. I really hope everything is okay!!

Well, I'm in the hospital with a hematoma about to...

Well, I'm in the hospital with a hematoma about to get a cat scan. Everything was running smooth until last night when I saw blood on my compression garment and it appears that there was a split at the incision. So I emailed my ps some pictures and he said it appeared to be a hematoma to go to the ER. Well I'm here and they confirmed that it is a hematoma. They drew labs And I'm headed for a cat scan. My incision area is super tender, red and hardened. Please keep me in your prayers.

So I've been keeping my hole in my incision...

So I've been keeping my hole in my incision covered with gauze and medical tape. I've been cleaning it out with a mixture of peroxide and water. It doesn't hurt but bleeds whenever I uncover it. Other than that I feel pretty good. Just very tired and depressed from not being able to exercise and feeling quite stiff every time I stand up!! I would rather tight muscles than loose though any day! So I'm wearing a panty girdle and my stage 2 garment back and forth. My tumny is going down more but it still looks funky and bruised and scratched. I've been using topical Anica gel on the bruises. My breasts are healing just fine..no issues there and it feels nice to wear certain outfits and actually not have a stomach that's bigger than my breasts LOL. From what I've seen I seem to be healing much slower than the others on here. I'm not sure why? I don't smoke, I don't HVE diabetes and I eat pretty healthy. All I can do is accept that everybody's bodies are different and to just keep drinking fluids etc.

I really need to add new pics! And I need to chnge...

I really need to add new pics! And I need to chnge my profile pic for sure as it reflects my old belly. Well, my hematoma is much better and the hole is almost closed. I keep it covered with gauze and paper tape as antibiotic ointment. My tummy is still swollen and mostly at the bottom. It's still slightly bruised and it looks a lot better but still far from what I think it should be. I'm out of my compression garment and into a barely there panty girdle that is compressive yet thin and stretchy and comfy. I have been using scarguard religiously along with twice daily massages with bio oil. I think my scar looks okay....I mean it's a scar but it's much better than the hanging skin and fat from before!!!! It's nice to sit down and not have my stomach on my lap. I can not wait to return to the gym because I'm up a few pounds and I wanna slim down a bit. I'm feeling much better now though, I can walk more and it doesn't feel strange with my garment off but I only take it off briefly.

So I am officially six weeks today!!! I feel great...

So I am officially six weeks today!!! I feel great :) no regrets at all. I have started brisk walking and it feels great to be active again. I still am using scarguard religiously and bio oil as well as topical and oral Arnica. I have minimal swelling and by night I'm bloated but I think that's completely normal. My scar looks great IMO it is flattening out an I will continue to massage it. My breasts have really softened up. I have been able to wear all kinds of clothes I couldn't wear post op. jeans are still a bit uncomfortable when I sit down. I'm now back to watching my calories a little bit, nothing extreme but I waited til six weeks to begin any kind of dieting because I wanted to ensure maximum protein I take an healing. I am usually a raw goofiest and do t consume met but got the past few weeks I have been eating meat, chicken...everything! It's been fun to splurge and I don't think I've gained more than five pounds. I am dying to know how much I weigh now as I have not been weighed since before surgery. I wake up stiff in the morning and sometimes it hurts by my ribs but other than that I'm about 90%

So I'm seven weeks post op! I have been working...

So I'm seven weeks post op! I have been working out for about a week now. Only brisk walking and very little resistance band workout on the arms only. So I now have the clearance to step it up so I am going to attempt a little jogging and maybe some squats and things cause boy have my legs and rear end gotten jiggly :( but overall I am pleased with my progress. The bottom is still swollen and I am still sore. I stopped wearing my compression garment all the time as of two days ago. I now only wear it at night, when I'm working out or when I'm cleaning the house. It feels fine without it just weird if my tummy gets bumped. I'm still completely numb from bb to pubic bone. My right nipple is still completely numb and I have some sensation left in the left one. Only regret I have is that one that I can't feel my nipples the same. I am still far from having a flat tummy and I still have love handles. I realized that I am just way to hard on myself and that I will continue to look for flaws in myself but overall I am a million times happier with my appearance and without the excess skin I can feel "normal" after five kids I now at least have a body that is not horrid :-) I know I'm not done healing and that I haven't even hit the three month mark so I'm being patient. I still have not weight myself...and I'm dying to know what I weigh!! I have been VERY consistent with my scar therapy. I do three times a day massages with organic coconut oil and also bio oil an I use scarguard at night because it stays on for sure at least eight hours. My scar I believe is healing very nicely. My BB looks pretty good. I will try to post recent pics ASAP. What I can say is ladies who are I. Early recovery your stomach will improve so much each week tht it's almost unbelievable so be very patient and you will get there. Also I still can't sleep comfortably on my side which is my favorite position because my breasts hurt too much like that. I am wearing regular Victoria secret panties yay!! And I finally can be intimate with hubby!

So here I am eight weeks post op already and I am...

So here I am eight weeks post op already and I am doing MUCH better! I have been stepping up my workout to include abs and I am so excited!!! I can actually feel my abs working. The only thing is even on a day where I don't workout my abs are still sore and stiff :( my swelling is still here but mostly on the bottom. The swelling has been ruining all of my cute outfits. It looks like my abs are flat and then bam a lil speed bump on the bottom. I am loving having great that are proportionate to my body. My breasts feel 85% like mine now. I still lack nipple sensation however. I have been using bio oil like three times a day with a semi frm massage to my scars and scarguard once a day. I have went through one bottle of scarguard already an hubby just brought a new one last night. I'm really aiming to loose at least ten pounds!!!! I would really like to post some new pics but I will do that When im on a computer and not my phone. I think I will start running tomorrow, I am very nervous but I think a lil stretching and a slow pace jog to begin may work out?? I really can't wait til three months rolls around to see what it looks like. my favorite exercise right now has been brisk walking around the track at the park. I have begun resistance bands though and leg lifts etc.Lets just say my hubby loves my new body and I'm glad that I have my tubes tied lol!!!! My next project is laser hair removal. I don't wanna be perfect bug there are a few things tht I don't like about myself and if I can change them then I will. Nothing drastic just lil improvements here and there. Ugggh I do wish I would have gotten lipo on my thighs cause it's gonna take a lot of running to slim them down.

Wow, I don't mean to sound ungrateful at all but...

Wow, I don't mean to sound ungrateful at all but my tummy still isn't even close to flat. I still have a nice roll of what looks like fat when I sit down. It is better then it was before but I really hope this is still just swelling!! I am waiting to get to the three month mark to see what it looks like then. I'm working out and not significantly overweight so idk why it still hasn't flattened out. I pray that swelling is the case

So here I am at twelve weeks and my hole in the...

So here I am at twelve weeks and my hole in the incision line is definitely closed. I have been working out regularly now!! My abs don't really hurt at all anymore except when they get a lil sore from working out. I'm down to 128lbs!! I haven't tried crunches or soups as I'm still being cautious. I have however started planks, and various standing an workouts. My stomach is much better and my self confidence is way better! I still can't wear a bikini though because my stomach is far from flat :( it still has this word line running through the bottom middle and I still have quite a bit of muffin top. I've been hopIng it's swelling but it still hasn't gone down and it seems like I still have a lot of loose skin in the bottom as well as maybe fat (cause when I sit I have a fat roll) so while there is improvement I am also disappointed that I can't even wear a bikini. It's like there is a bulge at the bottom. It looks like a mini butt. I'm planning on going back to Michigan to see Ps in Michigan soon. I can't wait so that I can get some answers as to what may be going on. I have no seroma or hematoma left and I know for sure due to my cat scan. My love handles are also eew. Well I'm happy I had a mommy makeover just didn't know I'd be left feeling like a need another makeover. I just want things to look semi normal.

Well I am three months post op and I had held out...

Well I am three months post op and I had held out any criticism to see if it was just swelling etc. however I am pretty sure my swelling has gone and even with that my stomach is far from flat. It bulges really badly at the bottom. I still have loose skin and it looks like maybe lots of fat still at the bottom. I can't wear a bikini at all because my scar is very high, it sits above my panty line. And my stomach doesn't look like I expected at all. I actually thought since I was significantly overweight and didn't have much skin that I would have great results. When I bed over or sit down, it gets really ugly and there is still a sizable amount of muffin top. I feel pretty confident in my clothes although still not as I'd like to be. In a swimsuit or nude however I have no confidence because I still have muffin top, fat and a jelly belly along with my new scar (which I wouldn't mind if I was flatter) I could just cry. I see a revision in my future and I'm nervous. I've been working out daily and doing plenty of an exercises hoping that would help but loose skin can't go away with that! My breasts are great and I'm super happy with them its just I really had hoped the tummy tuck would make my tummy look normal. I have a lot on my mind about this...:((((((((

Well, I thought if I just gave it time that my...

Well, I thought if I just gave it time that my stomach would tighten up, no such luck! I have been working out just about everyday but it would appear that the skin is still rather loose and there is a lot of fat left after surgery and lipo. It really bothers me and I can't wait to do something about it ASAP!!!! I will do a revision or whatever it takes! I just wanna cry because I have seen a lot of women that began with less excess skin and fat end up with a way better result than me. I do like my BB though! An my breasts are awesome! I will be traveling to Michigan next friday to see my surgeon so please wish me luck and I pray the he and I can get this figured out.

Oops what a big typo in my last post, I meant...

Oops what a big typo in my last post, I meant women with more excess skin and fat not less lol

So the PS does feel that I needs revision. It's...

So the PS does feel that I needs revision. It's going to cost me $950 for anesthesia and OR fees. So I am so happy yet so nervous at the same time. I really didn't wanna have another surgery but I also don't wanna be left with this ugly stomach either. I feel embarrassed as it stands so me and hubby have decided that I will get the revision ASAP but what makes it hard is the fact that I have school soon and it's my last semester so I really can't miss! I wish there was a magic wand to zap and make it already done lol. I'm do not looking forward to numbness, binders, drains, soreness, pills, being bed ridden again. I just got back in shape and it may be a setback for that. I'm hoping the trade off will finally be the flat tummy I am still dreaming I having. I just wanna be comfortable in my skin. I want to sit down without having spillage over my pants or bend over without a hangy gut. Well wish me luck ladies and thanks for listening!

So...my stomach still looks very weird and still...

So...my stomach still looks very weird and still is far from flat with the little speed bump of fat still present. I have t been able to come up with the $950 for a revision due to my husban loosing his job. I'm sad about it! This was supposed to be my dream come true!! Well I just wanted to let you all know how I'm doing. If and when I am able to get the revision I'll update. And if I can new pics! Xoxoxozozozoxozozoxoxox thanks for just listening to me vent!

So I am approaching a year out since having my...

So I am approaching a year out since having my tummy tuck and everyday it depresses me more that it turned out so bad. I didn't have that much excess skin compared to others I have seen to begin with, so still having tons of loose skin and lots of fat shouldn't be the case at all. I plan on paying for and scheduling my revision by the end of this month. I am very concerned that the tummy tuck revision may not turn out as well as if like either! my scar is also very high and not concealable No matter what underwear I put on. It makes me sad because it keeps me from feeling sexy around my husband because it just looks weird with the scar above my undies. I hate that I have to go back under the knife again and leave my kids and travel out of town again. This has been a journey to getting the body that I so badly want. I just hope that I have better lick this time. For you ladies that had a great result the first time..please consider yourselves lucky. I hate looking in the mirror each day and I hope that can change soon.

I will be having my revision soon. Result is still...

I will be having my revision soon. Result is still the same, majorly disappointing. Still don't understand what went wrong. I'm very scared that the revision won't make it any better than it is now. It's hard to have trust and faith when I feel like it should have came out alright the first time! I should have researched more. I feel stupid, I didn't even ask to see before and after shots.

I am having my revision next month. Ill keep you...

I am having my revision next month. Ill keep you all posted. I can't wait to hopefully finally fix this!! On a bad note...my right nipple never regained feeling and my scar has a keloid ugh!! Idk how to feel about the nipple sensation loss. My left nipple can barely feel anything.

Well, I am all set for my trip. I will be having...

Well, I am all set for my trip. I will be having my revision on the 15. I bought all the necessary things, gauze paper tape etc. my bag is packed and I'm ready to go. Hotel is paid for and babysitter paid for. It's going to be hard being away from my kids for five days but it has to be done. I really hope this goes well and that I return with a flat stomach. I want to be able to wear a bikini this summer so bad. Lets hope that happens. Hoping for a lower scar, one that can be concealed by my panties/ swimsuit bottom at least!!

I'm on the road headed to my prep appointment. The...

I'm on the road headed to my prep appointment. The clinic is 3 hrs and 45 minutes from my home. We're about halfway there and I'm nervous, excited and anxious. I hope it all goes well and that this never has to be something that I worry about EVER again!! It cost us a fortune to get the revision done between gas, babysitting, the revision fee and also the money for the hotel for five days and food for five days, etc. I'm so grateful to have a husband that supports me so deeply. He hasn't made me feel bad about this at all. He helped me plan the trip and said he is fully prepared to help take care of me during recovery. Sad to be back in a binder right here at summer time :-( and I'm going to miss working out so much. I know it's all for the better though, so that I can finally hopefully be flat. After all summertime is the most embarrassing because my tank tops and shirts cling leaving nothing to the imagination and exposing my huge muffin top. Well, I will be posting more later.

Here at surgery center!!! My nerves are through...

Here at surgery center!!! My nerves are through the roof. I am so anxious it's ridiculous. Hope everything goes right. I hope for a good result and no hematoma or complications this time around!!

Revision done!! Now just healing


Revision details

So yesterday was the big day, I had my revision done yay! Woke up very sore from surgery :-( felt like my stomach was one big Charlie horse. Stayed in recovery for quite awhile before leaving the hospital and heading back to the hotel. So far it has been pretty easy going. I am walking hunched over and I have a binder on. Just went to my postoperative appointment and met with my PS. Had my drain taken out and had to get one stitch (ouchie) doc noticed that one of my breasts had formed a keloid scar after last surgery so he injected it three times with steroids to loosen up the scar. So the verdict is out, he had to do loop to upper and lower and and a small amount of muscle repair. It appears that somehow my internal sutures came undone last time!!! I have seen my tummy without the binder and so far it looks decent. I will have to wait for all the swelling to go down to fully judge it. He said that he moved my scar down 1/2 and inch. He also said that my old tt scar was pretty thick, thicker than it should have been! I'm here in the hotel until Saturday afternoon when we will travel back home. He says I can do treadmill and elliptical by two weeks and any kind of activity by six weeks. apparently I also bled alot because I took Advil the night before surgery for a very bad headache. Can't wait to see how my tummy turns out in the end. I really hope it is better because I workout so much but due to my stomach it looks like I don't do a damn thing. If this tummy tuck revision comes out the day I think it should I will change his review to say better things for sure. The staff at the surgery center were outstanding as well as his staff at his office. This is a great little town :-)

3 1/2 days post op (revision)

So I slept wonderfully last night and practically flat on my back with the help of three pillows all around me. Today is my last day here in this town, I am headed back home to go get my babies and head home for the rest of recovery. My pain has been minimal so far as long as I stay on top of pain meds! If I forget I can definitely feel the difference. I haven't looked at my tummy since Tuesday or Wednesday so I don't know much about what's going on under there. I haven't showered yet, per doctors orders I have to wash up until tomorrow, Sunday when I can shower and gently remove the steristrips. I have heard alot of people say that they tape thief incision with paper tape. I'm thinking about doing that until I receive my scar kit. My appetite has been much lower and I would t be surprised if when this is over I weighed alot less. I think what hurts the most is my tailbone and back from hunching and sitting so much. So far the only depression I have is about not being able to be active or workout. I have been in the gym and Zumba nonstop for months and I wonder how this gap will affect my fitness level. Doctor says treadmill at two weeks and elliptical and then anything goes at six weeks. I wonder if I will even feel up to it by then? We shall see huh? I hope this revision went well and that the results I wish for are under this binder cause I don't think I could bare anymore surgeries!!!! I hope this is it!! Well take care ladies and have a great weekend. I will post more pics later when I fix my binder.

Post op day 5

Just took a shower and removed the steri strips. Not needing much pain medications and almost standing upright. I'm taking it super easy because I want to heal and avoid complications. It's really hard for me to sit still but I think it's worth it. Still very stiff and swollen! That's it for now

Getting flatter :-)

Almost no pain, standing up straight as of today except when I've been sitting for awhile then I get stiff. stomach is looking better and scar is good. Belly button stitch comes out today and the drain stitch as well. So far so good!


I know it can be to soon to say because I'm just in the early stages of healing but I think there is still to much excess skin :( while my stomach is much flatter than last time, I can already see that when I sit down there is some ugly looking hangy skin. And also standing up there is a section of skin that still looks very loose and forms like a line. Kinda like it did before. I am still holding out hope for this to heal the way I want but I have so many mixed emotions about this. I have just invested so much time and money and energy into this :((( I definitely do get hurt when I see how awesome others results are. It makes me wonder if I just made a bad decision on the surgeon I chose. If I annoy a very big person and don't have that much excess skin, why can't I be left flat at least??? I don't want to sound ungrateful, but i thought that was the point of a tummy tuck? I look like someone who needs a mini tummy tuck now. Well good night and I hope I wake up tomorrow and somehow this is all a dream and I have the tummy of my dreams. I will post new pic tomorrow, so I can get some feedback.

Scar therapy

So, I bought some silicone sheeting to begin scar therapy with next week when I hit the two week mark. And I also found all of my stage 2 garments from the first tummy tuck. I also bought some scar massage oil from whole foods. I plan to take very good care of this scar and at this point it is thin and my old scar was not so I am happy about that :-) I am losing weight since surgery. I weighed 141 before surgery and now I am down to 135!!! My goal weight is 128 so I hope I make it there soon. I'm excited that my PS said at two weeks I could do the elliptical or treadmill. I am going to start out small, with walks around the block and just see how I feel. I am a VERY active person and I really miss doing what I usually do. I usually do Zumba, weight training, free weights, elliptical, and toning exercise and I am a walk fanatic and I walk everywhere including to the gym lol. Right now I feel so put of control of my life, I can't do any of the thins I would normally do and I feel inadequate as a mommy cause I can't even pick my daughter up to cuddle. I think I owe it to myself though to take it very easy this time and not push myself too much. This surgery means a lot to me as far as my self esteem and so I will do what it takes to heal properly. I need to take new pics. My tummy looks different everyday. I don't have any drains in but I still have bruising and lots of swelling going on. My husband said I look smaller though!!


Just pics

Well...so far

Well I know it's only been close to three weeks but so far I am disappointed with my results!! I flatter than I was and I know there is swelling but I can still see that it isn't what it could be. I will post some pics so if you have an opinion please leave it. I once again have this weird vertical line that is not a scar but what I believe is still excess skin that wasn't pulled right enough of was thrown off by the way my belly button was done. The other ps I consulted with said that I still had so much skin after my first tummy tuck that I could actually have had another full tummy tuck removing all the skin I have below my new umbilicus!!! He said he could excise all of my stretch marks. I wonder why my PS didn't or can't do the same thing? Idk but I think I better start saving for another TT :( after all the effort and money spent. I don't wanna go under the knife ever again but...

4 weeks post Op

So I am now four weeks post op and I am feeling decent. Only light walking so far. Eating lots of pineapples lol for the Bromelain and I swear its working :-) I still have some issues with my tummy tuck but I'm giving it time to see how it ends up.

Waiting game

So I've been still taking it relatively easy but I have started to stroll around the neighborhood. And it feels great. Nothing hurts or anything and swelling is minimal. I love in the morning when I wake up because that is when I am the flattest!! I stand in the mirror and admire myself just for a few minutes. I often look at my stretch marks on my thighs and those left on my tummy and get sad, but then I remember that noone is perfect and that my body carried five children and some of them almost ten pounds. I have just been reminding myself that I am fortunate enough to even be able to have had a mommy makeover because at one time it was something I never thought possible and only dreamed of. This makeover is only the beginning of my journey. I can't wish to return to the gym and keep working on myself. In the meantime I'm going to chill and take it easy and let my body heal. I hope and pray for the best result.

Back in the gym

I am officially back in the gym. It's my second day. I have been able to do the elliptical for 20 min and the treadmill for 30 minutes with no soreness or discomfort. I also can walk about 2 miles with ease and I do it at a slower pace but it works. My incision looks good and my stomach is ok..not perfect but it is better. Now I'm going to focus hard on loosing this extra weight I gained just sitting around. I am going to take it extremely slow so that I don't hurt myself. So until I hit six weeks no Zumba :-(((( no weights nada only cardio. My body is starting to look flabby so I can't wait til I can build muscle again.

Not happy :-((((((

So as my tummy heals and it loosens up a little bit and my swelling has gone down. I can now clearly see that I still have ALOT of loose skin. It looks like I didn't just have a tummy tuck revision at all. So majorly disappointing. I'm so discouraged! At this point I'm convinced that my surgeon just does not possess the necessary skill to do a tummy tuck properly. How do you take a person who is 5'2" weighing 139 lbs and had very little loose skin and still end up with a fat and bulging tummy with loose skin? I think during the revision that I actually needed a full tummy tuck done over again and not just the skin removal and lipo. Idk??? Haven't a clue what to think as I didn't have a hematoma this time. I definitely am sad about wearing a bikini because this looks BAD!! Most people I see on here at six weeks are pulled so tight they can't barely stand up, not me :-(

6.5 weeks post op

Getting stronger but still taking it slow. Finally did Zumba yesterday and day before and I am definitely not as strong as per surgery. Before surgery I could do intense workouts with no pain, no soreness and much more power. However on the bright side my stomach has went down a lot, still loose skin still when bending over and sitting down :-( I can't wait to get a tattoo to cover my scar and possibly a navel piercing which I'm researching like crazy. Just don't wanna make any bad decisions cause I went through too much with this to ruin it!!

6 weeks post op


It's coming along

Well I am 10 weeks post op today and it does look much better than it did at first. I am in the gym practically daily. I do some ab exercises but I am still very cautious. As far as pain..I have none. My stomach is still not completely as I wanted it but it is definitely better. I plan to tattoo over my scar at exactly six months.

Five months post op

So, it's looking much better. It's not perfect and I realized that I will never be. I am okay with where it is at now because it is so much better than it had been in the last 16 years since I began having children. I have been working out and lost a lot of weight.

8 months post op scar pic

So I am 8 months post op and my thoughts are that I still have no regrets. I still feel more skin could have been removed and I could have been flatter and tighter but hey. My scar as you can see turned out pretty dark again even with the revision. My navel is still completely numb as well as the lower half of my abdomen from scar up and somewhat below it as well. It is somewhat an annoyance to be honest because I don't want my husband to touch my stomach because it just feels too weird.

8 months post op pics of yummy and scar

Haven't tattooed yet because I'm not sure if I will ever need or want another tummy tuck revision

9 months post revision

So, I'm just updating to say that I still go back and forth with wether or not I feel my tummy tuck was satisfactory. I mean I'm thrilled to not have a huge gut like I used to but my scar is so unsightly. I didn't expect it to be Perfect but it's very crooked and idk I just am trying to talk myself out of having anymore work done but it's hard when I see other successful tummy tucks. I workout all the time now though and I'm overall much more comfortable in the skin I'm in. Please feel free to leave your comments, advice, opinions. Should I consult another ps for a revision or just leave it be?? Don't want to tattoo until I'm sure. Thanks

It's been a year since revision!!!

So here I am a year post op from my revision. My tummy still isn't perfect but far better than it was before surgery and I certainly don't spend my days obsessing over it like I did before surgery. My scar is still pretty prominent and I haven't done my tattoo yet. That is the one part of this surgery I wish didn't exist..a scar. Makes it hard to be intimate without feeling self conscious. I'm still very happy with my implants as I feel like I look a gazillion times better in all the clothes that I wear..with that said I have two regrets..not getting gel as I can feel the liquid sloshing around in my boobs, and the other is that I have lost all sensation in my right nipple and have very decreased sensation in my left. I have gained some weight but plan to loose some soon. Well here's some pics
Ann Arbor Plastic Surgeon

My first tummy tuck wasn't good, I suffered a hematoma and had loose skin and fat still. I just had a revision 5/14/13 I am 8 months post revision and I can say I'm content. My only complaints are that I feel the TT could have been done better it may just have been limited expertise??and my scar looks pretty bad, also still have a dog ear and excess skin especially when siting. My right nipple has no sensation now :-((

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4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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How did the scar end up healing second time around?
  • Reply
My scar looks much better than last time however it's still pretty red and thick compared to others I've seen. I will post a pic of it today
  • Reply
We are often the hardest on ourselves. I think your revision looks great. I'm going to try and do Zumba for the first time since surgery tonight!
  • Reply
Definitely, we are out own worst critics! How'd the Zumba go?
  • Reply
I think I'm pretty much back to doing whatever I want to do in the gym with little discomfort. Is your swelling pretty much gone? Mine is still stubbornly hanging on....
  • Reply
Your tummy has gotten flatter!!! I told ya, just give it some time! Watch, if you start working out your abs your tummy will look even better!!!
  • Reply
Yes, you were right!!! I need to make more time for working out. I remind myself that this was an investment and I don't wanna mess up my investment. How r u doing?
  • Reply
Hey girl, how you feeling so far?
  • Reply
Sorry, I'm just now getting on here. I'm feeling great, just feel like I could have been tighter and flatter. But hey, it definitely better than what I used to be dealing with.
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Hey, I'm feeling great. My confidence is up now. It has gotten so much flatter. Next step is gonna be a tattoo over my scar.
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You better update us with a pic of your tat!! :) I'm glad your feeling so much better! You deserve it after ur revision!!
  • Reply
Of course, as soon as I get it..lots of pics for sure lol
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I am so sorry to hear about your bad experiences. I would be feeling the exact same way as you are. Very frustrating. You should find a new PS so you are happy with your tummy....xoxo
  • Reply
Thanks ;-) I will!
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I am so sorry you have had such disappointing results. I don't think it's a matter of strengthening your abs with exercise but rather just seems like your PS does not perform satisfactory tummy tucks. My personal theory is that if they don't do it right the first time then go see someone else. Do not go back to the same doc- if he had the proper skill it would not require a redo. Good luck to you and I hope your search for better results is a success.
  • Reply
I agree, the only reason I have him a second chance was because he said it was most likely stretched back out due to my hematoma but for it to be like this again..there is no excuse!! I didn't suffer a hematoma this time.
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Dream, I have to agree with you. :( You should be much tighter than this....you are right, for being 5'2 and your weight, you should be much much tighter and flatter. I'm not even sure what to say other than I can understand why you are so discouraged.
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Thanks for your input. I am going to have to save and eventually go to another plastic surgeon to get it right. I hate to have surgery again but I just know this is not the best result I could get. Thanks for understanding, at least I know it's not just me being neurotic about it...I have a valid issue :-(
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I'm sorry u had to go a 2nd time under and nothing got fixed. Your PS should of done it right the 1st. All I could say is work out ur core once ur given the ok and try to see I f the ab workouts could help. Don't give up just yet.
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Thanks :-) I'm definitely going to work out as hard as I can in time and see if it makes a difference. The thing that worries me is that it is loose skin and no matter how hard I workout I can't get rid of that. I hate to sound negative but I was operated on twice and twice my PS REALLY has let me down :-(
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You are so brave to go through it again.... but you look great!
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Looks good so far
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So far looks very good!! I hope the final results are great!!!!
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Me too!!! Thanks :-)
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