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Great Experience - Flanks and Bra Rolls

I had smartlipo done on my flanks on 9/24/09 &...

I had smartlipo done on my flanks on 9/24/09 & went back on 9/25/09 to get my bra rolls done.

I had had traditional liposuction a few years ago and the recovery was so painful and uncomfortable I felt like I had been hit by a mack truck the next day. I said to myself that I would never put myself and my body through such a traumatic experience again especially since I wasn't completely satisfied with my results. A few years later I had been at work chatting with a patient (I work at a medical office) and she was raving about her smartlipo experience. So, not been fully satisfied with my original liposuction results from my previous surgery I becam curious and starting researching smartlipo. As soon as I discovered I wouldn't have to go under general anesthesia and the recovery time was only a few days I was sold.

I can honestly say that so far my recovery from smartlipo has been a peice of cake and I can already see the amazing results. I highly recomend my surgeon and I would be happy to answer any questions anybody has about my smartlipo experience.

I am getting my Bra roll and inner thighs done right after Thanksgiving with Dr. Chia!! Were you able to get back to your normal acitivites quickly? (like walking many blocks to work and subway?) How are you feeling now?
I am feeling great. I am still a little sore and tender in some areas but overall I'm happy with the results. I was back to work in 3 days. I would recommend buying some shapewear from like macys because the garments they provide you with will prob. feel too bulky under clothes. V
I had it done in NYC by {edited}, a board certified plastic surgeon.I had the procedure done about 1 week and a half ago and I am still very tender and swollen but I can already see results. So far i've gone down about 1 inch in my waist. If you have any more questions feel free to ask. Vanessa P.S. If you decide to go with Dr. C tell them Vanessa sent you
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Dr. Christopher Chia

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