I've Had Sclerotherapy for More Than 15 Years and It Works.

I've done sclerotherapy on and off for 15 years. ...

I've done sclerotherapy on and off for 15 years. I use it for spider veins on my legs. There are numerous injections done with a saline solution that sting. However, I always get results. My spider veins are minimal now. I never have perfect vein-free legs because I constantly break new veins, but sclerotherapy keeps them under control. I'm anxious to try the new glycerin injections that are supposed to hurt less and work better.
I had sclerotherapy last week, went yesterday to get some more but have not noticed my spider veins diminished, instead they ar swollen and I can see them more, does anyone know if this is normal? I want to get rid of them but how long till I see results?
Sclerotherapy treats spider veins and sometimes feeder veins. if the source veins are not treated, then they are likely to recur requiring many sclerotherapy sessions over time.
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