It's Only Been 5 Days

I had Laser Lipo done on for my double chin, neck...

I had Laser Lipo done on for my double chin, neck and jawline 5 days ago.

The procedure itself took only a half hour and I was able to drive home afterwards. The only pain I felt was when they gave me shots of the anethesia. Other than that I felt nothing.

After the procedure I took some antibiotics and Vicodin for pain and discomfort. The soreness lasted only a few days but I am still a bit swollen and numb. Nobody has noticed the swelling unless I point it out. I have also been instructed to wear a compression garment which is uncomfortable as all hell. I only wear it at night when I am home.

I won't know the actual results until the swelling completley subsides. I was told it could take up to a couple of months before you actually notice the results.

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Hi m47131, I've moved your review to the "Lipotherme" page. Thanks for clarifying.
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By the way, the pain was minimal. I was tender for a few days after the surgery. I used vicodin for the day of and the day after. No, my neck is not choking tight. Anyone who tells you their neck is choking tight after smartlipo or lipotherm is silly.
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How is it going now? I heard there can be swelling for up to 6 months. How was wearing the garment?
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Sorry guys, it was Lipotherme...Not Smartlipo, either way its almost EXACTLY the same thing and yes after 1 month I can see a difference. I went for my first follow up last week and the dr. had my before surgery pic. He and I are both happy so far with the results. He told me that the skin will continue to tighten under my chin and jawline. I have to go back in 3 months for another follow up and then in September he will take the "after" picture. I highly recommend this Dr. because he's inexpensive and has good results. His location in Batavia, NY justifies why prices are better than doctors in bigger cities.
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did it work?? what was you pain level pre-Vicodin? was your neck choking tight??
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Now that its been a few has your recovery been? How do you like the result? Does it look even? Does your skin sag? How was the pain??? (I only take Tylenol!)
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