It's Been Horrible

I went in to get the dark circles under my eyes...

I went in to get the dark circles under my eyes fixed and he suggested Juvederm as it is naturally formed in the body. That there would be some slight swelling and bruising around the injection sites but that should go away in a week. It's been 6 weeks and I have HUGE bags under my eyes now that droop below the line that was supposed to be filled in a bit. I look horrendous. I look like a bull dog. I'm going back again this week to HOPEFULLY get that enzyme to dissolve it injected. He's the one who mentioned it to me when I went in after 3 weeks. From the way he was talking I don't think he's ever seen a reaction like mine. What he did figure out was that it wasn't all product but was edema. (his assistant kind of let it slip that this was the case after he left the room). I'm at my wits end and am getting really depressed about all of this. I got this done to help my self esteem along a little bit and now I think I look like a freak of nature. I'm scared to get this next procedure done but I don't feel as though anything else will work. From the research I've done so far the way to get rid of edema is to get rid of the underlying cause. So....I guess it's the enzyme injections. Can anyone tell me if they've had it done and did it work for them because I don't think I can stand this for one more day let alone 6 to 9 months.
I know EXACTLY how you feel. 6 weeks IS long enough. Tell him you want the hyaluronidase and you want it NOW. If he won't find someone who will do it. I'm going in this week for my second round. My left eye is doing alot better. Almost back to normal. My right eye was worse to begin with and had more Juvederm in it to begin with. So it's going to take more. I TOTALLY feel your pain. Still there (with one eye). Don't give up hope. Get the hyaluronidase and it will go away. Let me know how it goes and I'll keep you posted on my end. Michelle
I had a very similar reaction to juvederm injections in my tear troughs. It's been six weeks and I look terrible. I cry almost every day when I look in the mirror. I look like I have black eyes with two puffy stripes underneath them. I went to my doctor two weeks ago and he, in more words or less, told me to be patient. I'm losing patience fast. Did the enzymes help you?
I have the same problem and no one know's how to fix it. Have you had any luck? Thank you. I'm desperate and depressed!
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