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I just had a rhinoplasty done 6 weeks ago, and...

I just had a rhinoplasty done 6 weeks ago, and from the first day the Doctor took off the splint (5 weeks ago) I could see a very unusual nostril difference... Now whether my nostrils had this difference before when my nose was bigger (and more crooked) I never noticed...but now, it's all I can see in the mirror... the doctor is not being very direct/helpful.. he keeps telling me that it's fine and it's the best nose job that could have been done, but i don't buy it and am starting to feel he is avoiding the ugly truth that he messed this up or might have overlooked this detail. The guy has more than 20 years experience... however it just doesn't look or feel right.. any thoughts on this?. see the pic of what my nose looks like now and please advise if this is a matter of swelling or if this is what i am stuck with now cause I am seriously frustrated and want my money back or a revision!

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I just had mine done and the cast type lets me see from the bottom, how it looks like. My nostrils were uneven too, that first day I looked though I can see the cast is pressing down more on one side. But over the course of the week (I've been taking pics every day) there has been improvement and they look a lot better than they did on day two.

At the stage you're at it could be the same, that there's more improvement to do?

I guess wait another few months? Hoping you don't need a revision!
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I do see what you mean. At six weeks, it could be swelling still.

Keep in mind that rhinoplasty is the most intricate of procedures and it's not unusual to need a revision (sad, but true). At this point, you need to be patient (I know it's hard!) and wait and see how it looks after a few months.

If you do want to start researching revisions now, you can check out our Rhinoplasty Revision community, but I truly hope you won't need to!

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My nostrils were uneven at that stage too, 2 weeks later heaps of swelling has gone and they are getting more even. Give it time before u make a decision on what you think
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