Nose Jobs and Permanent Fillers: Need Advice - Italy

I had a rynoplastic at the age of 18 years and...

I had a rynoplastic at the age of 18 years and another operation after 7 years. After others 8 years half of my nose tip gets empty.

Hi. im italian. Many years ago i had a rinoplastic, then another after 7 years. Now after other 10 years half of my tip is empty. That's not a huge thing but you can see it. i was suggested to use some fillers to correct this imperfection. i red on line that the permanent filler, very used in italy - Bioalcamyd and the others are requested to be take away from the market because of high risks of complicances. I know that the FDA has accepeted just 7 permanent fillers. So i really would need an advice, the more possible honest. Thank you very much. Lara

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