Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasthy with Litthe Edema on the Canthal Area and Below Incision - Italy, IT

First of all sorry if there will be mistakes in my...

First of all sorry if there will be mistakes in my grammar but I'm not a native English speaker.
I had a lower lids blepharoplasthy almost a month ago, to remove the 2 bags of fat and a little of skin if needed. Surgeon decided eventually not to remove any skin, in order to prevent the risk of ectropion, after having assessed my skin. I'm 50 y.o.
Last small bruises on my cheeks disappeared few days ago only, while on the left eye I'm still having a little problem. It looks like I have a small edema in the lateral canthal left eye, and the scar a bit more visible and red than the right one, which healed much better.
Any one here with similar experience with edema in the canthal area and little below the incision, after a month from the surgery? Surgeon suggests little circular massages with the thumb to reduce the swelling. Any Suggestion?


please post photos
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lower lid blepharoplasthy with little edema on the canthal area and below incision


It really looks like swelling to me. I'm almost 1 month post op to lower bleph and I'm still swelling but thrilled with results so Far
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that is quite a bit of swelling or skin i am not sure,im sure that it is not noticeable to others when they just glance at you though....what does your doctor say about it? you can post the question on the ask a question forum on here and the surgeons will be happy to give you any imput colleen
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