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Black Tattoo Removal - Italy, IT

I started my tattoo removal in 2012 , its almost a...

I started my tattoo removal in 2012 , its almost a year since than and i still dont see a lot of improvement. I loved my tattoo but i had to remove it since im trying to get a job in the middle east . I had 5 sessions until now , but the 5th one i did it at another clinic since i didnt see so much improvement at the other one and that doctor made me wait at least 2 months beetween a session. This clinic is using a different laser and probably i will have some scars (thats what this doctor told me) so i decided to remove only a part of it and what will be left i will have a cover up

After 7 sessions

Had my last session few weeks ago,the doctor said i have no more ink left but the letters are still visibil,he said thats the scar and the only thing i can do now is to wait 1 year and it should fade.he also recommended me to do a lot of indoor tanning that should speed the process.
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Oh wow, congrats on your completed removal, looks great!
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The last doctor used Nd YAG Q-switched and also injected a local anesthetic in the treated area which is not pleasant at all. The first doctor i have no ideea what laser he was using but it was ussles. When i changed the doctor i did the laser treatments only on the cervical area,and its faded ,i might do it on the all area or get a cover up :) Thanks :) i loved my tattoo unfortunately some jobs have a lot of restrictions.
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I forgot to ask, what kind of laser is being used for your treatment?
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Thanks for your review! Just our of curiosity, why do you have to remove the tattoo on your back due to a job in the middle east...I assume they are not accepted, but can't you just cover with a nice light pashmina or something...guess too late now, just wondering?
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I am trying to get a job as a flightattendant for Emirates and they don't allow visible tattoos while wearing the uniform. cover them with make up is not allowed either.sorry for my late replay
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I see, sorry to hear that, I like your tattoo :)
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