It Really Really Hurts!!!!!!!!!

I heard before hand that it is slightly...

I heard before hand that it is slightly painful!!! omg it really hurts, like you will never understand the pain, i have several tattoo's, and usuaully have a pretty good thurshold for pain, i was crying, and omg it was not pleasent!! however i love love love what it has done for my lips!! the first few days are ruff, it is hard to eat and smoke!!! the only way i could ever do this again is if they knocked me out with drugs!! I can not stress enough how much it hurts!!! just the injection hurts!! after like 3 mins it is a bareable annoyence!! ice helps and cold aloe vera lotion! if you want to get it tell ur doc to knock you out if possiable!! seriously!!
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Did you have a nerve block? If they give you a nerve block and wait 20 min, it shouldn't hurt much.
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