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I had SmartLIpo on saddlebags and banana on...

I had SmartLIpo on saddlebags and banana on 3/24/09. The procedure did not hurt and the Staff was awesome. I started the pain meds same day and went for my follow up the next day. By 3/31/09 the right side was full of liquid and the pain was unebarable. Doctore said I should have gone in sooner to have it drained out. Three days later it filled up again, found out I had Seroma. Having to be drained was horrible even with the novacaine shots. I wear my garment 24 hours a day and do everything I am told. Today is 4/4/09 and the pain is better. No liquid buildup but both legs hurt, some areas are numb and hard, and I cant sleep without pain killers. I have a followup on Wednesday and I am trying to be optimisic. I still have to do my inner thighs but now I am scared that I am not a good candidate. Its my first surgery and even though I am a Super Healthy, Gym Rat, Kickboxing teacher, 44 years old who looks and feels 30, this hurts a lot and the recovery period is not a couple of days as they say. My best friend had 6 procedures, is out of shape, never works out and yet she was back at work on day 2. I am icing today and trying to massage but the pain is horrible.

Dr. Boris Bergus

Dr. Boris Bergus has been amazing. Unfortunately my body did not react well to its first surgery but the Doctor and the staff have been with me every step of the way.

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Just had smartlipo by dr burges on 4/12/2012. I had read all these blohs and was petrified but wanted smaller abs more than being scared. He and his staff were amazing!!!! We actually had fun during the procedure! It hurt sometimes when he hit a spot less numb but he told me to swear if i wanted to and it was a hoot. We were all laughing. I came through it fine and can already see a difference!!! It is day two and no brusing or swelling. I was afraid of garment but it is comfy and feels secure. Thanks dr bergus for making me into a nrw person. Dont believe all these nrgative blogs
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what doctor did you go to ?
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Yes, PoodleRider is right. Unlike the hype that a lot of doctors tell their patients and advertise about SL being an in-one-day-at-work-the-next procedure, it really isn't. Just like any other plastic surgery, it is still relatively invasive, and will take your body time to recover from properly. Your friend maybe had less work done than you, or her body simply healed faster from it for whatever reason. everyone is different, and what takes some people a day or 2 can take others weeks or months. Of course, everyone hopes for the shorter end of that scale. So, just try to hang in there, and keep in contact with your PS, so that he knows how you are doing all throughout your recovery. Best of luck, and post some pics when you get a chance, k? Take care. :)
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After a full thigh job last year my thighs swelled up so much I was sure the skin would burst. I had numbness, hot knife like shooting pains, swelling, large fluid filled areas, areas that had the texture of leather and bruising ranging in shades of black, purple, green and yellow. After 9 months I am still working with my doctor trying to smooth out the remaining lumps and tighten loose skin. I still have a little scar tissue, skin discoloration and numbness. On the plus side I look pretty darn good in jeans, I lost apx. 14 lbs. and I don't have to shave my thighs anymore! So hang in there Adri. SL is definately not the quick fix and recovery claimed by many doctors, but you are early in your recovery so you may experience better results as time goes on. Good luck!
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