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It Has Been 7years Now - Still Look Great! - Silverdale, WA

I had cystic acne all over my back and face that...

I had cystic acne all over my back and face that never went away. Ever since I was 13 I had it. I tried EVERYTHING, Tetracycline, Doxicyline, Benzacaine cream, and tons of other stuff. Nothing ever worked. So I did this as a last resort, my own dermatologist said he wouldn't prescribe it to because I wasn't a candidate. So I went to another one who said I was perfect for it since nothing else has worked.

It took 5 months and I've never had anymore breakouts like that. He said I may have a random one or two once in a blue moon and he was right! No scars. Only some dry skin, and no mood swings.

It was awesome and I'd highly recommend it to anyone who is ready to be done with nasty acne. I did it at 21 and now at 28 I look and feel great!


How much dosage did you take a day?
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My daughter is taking this and has been for one month now. She is rapidly clearing up, but I have read some AWFUL reviews about this product!! I have heard people say that they got very depressed and some people are losing hair.
I thought that I would ask you if you have had any problems since it has been 7 years since you took this. I am very concerned for my daughter! I do not want her to have bad side effects now, or in the future. I know that everyone reacts to medicined differently. I am just hoping for some positive feedback.
Glad this worked so well for you! You look amazing!!!
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hey im so glad it worked well for u, Im thinking of starting my course soon so I just wanted to ask was it 5 months that u took accutane? My derm wants to put me on it for 4 months but I'm worried it may not be long enough.Also how have u found it in the long term have u had any other problems in the years after? hope to hear from u soon tc chick x
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Dr. Carmichael

Some MD's are hesitant to precribe it because the FDA requires a ton of paperwork so keep asking around.

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