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Hi, i did a 40% salysilic peel 10 days ago in...

hi, i did a 40% salysilic peel 10 days ago in order to remove dark spots and shallow scars, some of the areas were burned and the peeld, leaving 3 small scars and the rest of my face peeld very lightly, i called the doctor and he said that these scars are temporary, then i went to a well certified dermatologiest and he said also it is temporary and i asked him about the spots and scars that i already have and he said that he can do a TCA peel after 2 weeks from this peel, and he was very sure that TCA pee l will do great things to my face, i am really stressed and i feel very bad, is it ok to have a TCA peel only 2 weeks after salycilic 40% peel? is the new scarring permenant?please i need advice as soon as possible sine my tca ses
sion is going to be this wednesday. thank you

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I am so glad you decide to do some researching before going ahead with the next peel if you weren't completely comfortable with it. Remember, if you ever have a treatment scheduled and you are feeling unsure about it, it is always ok to decide not to go through with it. You can always reschedule later. If it is really short notice (24hr or less) the office might charge you a fee for a late cancellation, but paying that is better than going through with something you don't feel good about.

Here is a Q&A that I think will help you:

Recommended Interval in Between TCA Peels?

Please let us know what you decide to do, and how the small scars are looking.

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