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I was so disappointed with the results - Not Worth It - New York, NY

I have had acne for the past 10 years and have...

I have had acne for the past 10 years and have tried everything under the sun regarding treatments - sans accutane.

I was so disappointed with the results from Isolaz. My acne stayed just as persistant and in addition, the laser or suction caused my skin to blister after the first and second sessions - which only added to my stress. The doctor said it was from the suction but my thought was, "what's the point??" This could help my acne but I'm left with scabs from the blistering. I can still see the scars.

I finished all the sessions and never went back. This was a reputable doctor in New York.


I've had 5 sessions of Isolaz so far at the SKN clinic in London for mild acne mostly on my chin and so far have seen no results. They said I might need 6 sessions but to be honest I don't really have much hope given how little effect it has had so far. Moreover the treatment is quite unconfortable as it feels like your skin is being pinched in between 2 pieces of metal and sligthly burned at the same time and leaves the skin very red. One of the sessions even left red iron-like marks on cheek and forehead which stayed for about a week. Would not recommend it. I paid 495 GBP for 6 treatments - definitely not worth it.
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Blistered skin after the first and second treatments.

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