Aggravated Acne; No Improvemennt in Breakouts, Red Marks or Pores

I got four Isolaz treatements at $375 each,...

I got four Isolaz treatements at $375 each, finishing the last treatment a month ago.

I am very dissatisfied with the results.  I saw zero improvement in the amount, size or lifespan of breakouts,  and no improvement in red marks or pore size. 

Futhermore, I think Isolaz has made my skin look worse.  After each treatment I experienced a bad breakout with deep painful cysts that I have never experience before (I mainly get 1 medium-sized pustule at any given time).  These cysts left uncommonly large red marks.  Also, I think the suction pulled up sebum from below my skin's surface and just kind of left it at the now I'm left with even larger, more visible pores with non-inflamed comedones.  I might just try a regular old $100 facial to try to get rid of these! 

I'm not mentioning my doctor because I really liked her and I think she's an excellent physician!  Any negativity in my review is not towards my doctor, but just he way the procedure interacted with my own skin.  I just think it's important to keep in mind that Isolaz may not be for everybody.

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Try Aramis. It calms and dries oil glands. Isolaz ruined my skin, but I only realised that once all 4 treatment were done and paid for. I had Aramis many years ago, and it cleared my skin, which stayed clear for a few years.
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Hi Everyone,

I have just booked my first appointment to get the Isolaz laser treatment.I mainly have acne just around the chin arae. After reading all the comments above im not too sure wheher to go ahead with the treatment.

I have checked on various websites and cannot decide whether to go with the Nlite laser treatment or the Isolaz laser treatment.

Could someone please help me out??
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I have tried past 6 years,everything short of spiro or accutane. I have tried Isolaz, no difference infact somewhat worst because they suggested or require in order to do procedure that I stop the Tazorac and Benziclin. I also occasionally used Dynacin orally. And occassionally get a few big nodule cysts that I get injected and go down within a few days. I would say I have mild to moderate with bad flare ups about every 6-8 weeks. I do not notice it any worse during high stress times like final exams or even shortly after.( I am a 23 year old Med student.) I always fairly healthy, although loved Milk. I first changed to hormone-free organic milk, then reduced intake then stpped all dairy. Stopped dairy for 10 months, ate more fish (usually salmon), avoided mostsugar and white starch, ate whole grains and vegetables, low fat meats, mostlty organic and whole foods, no improvement. Lost about 6 lbs. though, although average weight 119 5-4 and moderate excerciser. I did not go into Medicine for $$$, but if I did, it should be Dermatology. Because there never seems to be a solid answer. Some people eventually seem to find their own magic bullet, spending $$$. I beleive mine may be hormonal, and may get better over time, until the next change like pregnancy or mid life changes etc. But the basic 3 hormone levels, est,progest,testost, seems to be ok. Good luck to all of you to find your own silver bullet. You don't mindspending$ if it works well. My oppinion is, if Isolaz is going to work, you should notice a significant difference after 2-4 treatments. Don't get sucked into more. They say about 80-85 % success rate. That number may get lower/higher as more people try it. That means it won't work for about 1 in 5 or 6 people! Hopefully you will be that 4 out of 5, which is great! and worth a try. But don''t get sucked in for more treatments unless you got lots of freed up $$$, especially if you have the type of acne that has ups and downs, the positive results could be attributed to just your better face days.
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I have tiny bumps on my forehead and decided to try the isolaz treatment. I have been scheduling monthly facials and microdermabrasion to help with the acne and texture but would still breakout three days later.So I decided to spend more money to hopefully have clear skin. It has been my second treatment and have red dots on my forehead and it looks as if I picked the acne myself. It is dry and has a scabby texture. I was wondering and curious if your doctor is now the doctor treating me with no results so far. I would appreciate your help. Thanks so much
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Dear Anniet, Please feel free to PM me and I will give you that info!
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