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Invisalign Bad Experience - Islington, United Kingdom

Personally I found Invisalign really inconvenient...

Personally I found Invisalign really inconvenient - whenever you want a drink you have to take them out so they are always coming in and out for 12 months! I found them very uncomfortable as well and tight on my teeth. Also virtually everyone I met registered them immediately so they are not "Invisible" at all.

Something else which was potentially more sinister is that after two months of treatment I developed a condition called Epiglottitis which is basically an inflammation and swelling of the epiglottis that can be fatal as it closes down your airways. George Washington died from this. I developed the condition shortly after a night out in a crowded bar when I was constantly taking the invisalign in and out in between drinks, reaching right into the back of my mouth (as instructed). I have never had any tonsil problems before and I personally believe that this caused me to pick up the bacteria which caused the infection.

You only change invisalign every two weeks and it would be easy for said bacteria to live upon the invisalign and work its way to the tonsils and then the epiglottis. This is all a theory of course but I personally believe there is a risk here which I was not warned about. I was ambulanced into hospital as an emergency and spent a week there connected to a drip, unable to eat or drink and was given a daily cocktail of adrenalin (yes that stuff Uma Thurman gets in Pulp Fiction!), steroids and serious antibiotics, I weigh 154 pounds and lost 30, nearly a fifth of my body weight. In total I was off work for two months.

Obviously I stopped the treatment, I'm 41 and in my opinion life is too short to risk for less gappy teeth!

My dentist initially told me that invisalign were very concerned about what had happened and would be in touch with me to see if there was any connection with their product, but this happened two years ago and I have heard nothing from them since.

Dear Justin, I am sorry that you developed an infection that is said to be fatal. You do not need to take out the aligners to drink. In 9 years and 780 patients later, no one has caught the same infection and you most probably caught an infection from the bar as you were constantly wetting your fingers inside your mouth. Invisalign is virtually invisible; I should know after doing may exhibitions and no one knew I was wearing Invisalign. Epiglottitis is so rare with Invisalign that you must have been very unlucky. Invisalign is ideal for gappy teeth. I once treated a patient with multiple gaps and a 10mm overjet or more. I only say her at the beginning and end of treatment.

What a scary experience it sounds like you had! I'm glad to hear you survived the Epiglottitis!! I can definitely see where taking your trays in & out in a bar would put a person at risk for taking in germs. Unfortunately, I think you are right, and that if this is a lifestyle change someone isn't able/willing to make then Invisalign might not be a good option for them.

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