I Love My New Smile with Invisalign - Isle of Man, UK

All I can say is that if you have crooked teeth...

All I can say is that if you have crooked teeth and you hate to smile you have got to have these.
Im based in The Isle Of man in the Uk and I have achieved the smile i have wanted for 36 years using Invisalign .

I had 12 months of treatment and I am so happy I never went for veneers....my teeth are beautiful and it was painless


It coasted you 4000 $ or 4000 u.k. pounds? Can anyone help me clarify if the prices appear next to that people from u.k. are really in $ or are in their pounds?
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I don't know for sure, because Sarah hh may have converted it, but my guess is she posted it in pounds. The $ sign is auto-generated in the system, so it doesn't mean that is what the currency is. You have raised a great point though & I will bring this up as something to consider.

Hopefully she will jump on & let us know for sure. :)

I'm in the uk too and mine is costing me £4000
Tracey Bell

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