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Do Not Let an Orthodontist Extract Healthy Teeth (although Wisdom Teeth Are O.k) Long Island, NY

I decided to have orthodontic work and the...

I decided to have orthodontic work and the orthodontist extracted 4 teeth 2 on top and 2 on the bottom. I started to suffer Sleep apnea symptoms and now have a documented sleep disorder. I had a cross-bite and should have been referred to an oral surgeon first. Adult palate expander do work!! Still in braces and it's been a year. I stopped and would not let him pull back the bottom. What would happen to my big tongue? Now I am in New York and found the help I need but it is going to cost me my life savings to save my life and get it in order!


Sorry type o - o.k to allow extraction of wisdom teeth. Always get second opinions and interviews with doctors for any major work.
Dr. Zak

Don't ever go here - run away! (Island Orthodontics, Long Island NY)!

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I would just get bimaxillary surgery; the suture is already closed in adults so you are unnecessarily taking extra time.
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I'm sorry to hear of the horrible difficulties you are facing.  I hope that insurance is paying for some of that $500k?  I've never seen a price that high before--what exactly do you need to have done in order to fix everything?
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Sorry, I changed that it's about 30,000.00 for replacement of teeth 10,000 for new orthodontic treatment and dentist. Also all the specialty doctors I have had to see in network and out network. Lost of work $$$, as I can only work part time and may lose my job. In addition the stress and losing my hair. If you don't sleep hair falls out...
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Oh, okay.  So the cost number in the title is for the amount you paid for your braces with the doctor you listed as doing that work.  How much did you pay for the braces work?  The explanation of all of the costs that have gone into this are more appropriately placed in the body of your review, so that people can learn the true cost to you in terms of fixing everything.  Lumping all of the costs into that one number just looks like a typo :).  And a lot of people won't read your comment to me, but I think it's important information, if you're willing to share it as an update to your review.  I mean, all of the things you're going to have to go through in order to fix all of your issues at this point, and how much they will cost.  I hope that makes sense.

Also, once you start replacing teeth, I'm assuming that'd Dental Implants but maybe you meant crowns.  We have separate reviews for either (which we would love if you'd share with us!) and if you review the doctors who do that work, I can even link those reviews to this one, so people can get the full story.  If you're going to do the palatal expander as well, that's in orthognathic surgery (and wow, that takes courage!)  Also, could you mention which teeth you had removed?  Many, many people have, for example, one lateral incisor removed on either side.  And it'd be really helpful also to see how crowded your teeth were to start, so we can get some perspective on why they chose to extract.

Anyway, I'll take as much info as you're willing to give :).  I've read a few other reviews here on RS of people who had bad outcomes from having teeth pulled, but it's still relatively unusual.  Thank you for sharing with us, and I wish you the very best of luck for your future procedures.
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Hello, Thank for the advice. I did a google search and found many, many people with past experiences like mine. I was treated as factory product rather than individual. Every person is different and such should be treated with care sending me to an orthognathic surgeon first for safety. Regarding an adult palatal expander they do work on adults, that is what my new Orthodontist is using. She does not believe in extractions. In addition I am getting dental implants how can I get crowns if they pulled the bicuspids? The method of extractions is barbaric and I believe is primitive and used to save the orthodontist money. Then it can give you complications such as mine including TMJ, Sleep apnea, or a sleep disorder, And your face might not look as good as you age. I would be happy to make a new page on the restoration portion because I found 2 amazing doctors who shook their heads to why I let the orthodontist do this to me...
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That would be fantastic!  

When I said it was relatively unusual, I meant to see the stuff on RealSelf :).  Which was why it's so great you joined us!  

Are you doing SARPE or some other type of expansion?

Also, you said that extracting wisdom teeth is generally okay, but have you heard anything about negative effects of that?  I have wisdom teeth I'm supposed to extract but I'm nervous about it.  I'm wondering if that's paranoia on my part.

As for the crowns, I didn't know if there were other problems than just the pulled teeth :).  There are so many ways to do restorations.  Some people would get crown bridges to fill in the space left by extractions.  Some do implants and get crowns on the implants.  I'm no doctor, so it's never obvious to me what people will choose :D.  I am very excited that you will be getting your mouth restored, and hope everything will meet your expectations!  Here's a link to start a review in the jaw surgery community.  And here is one for dental implants.

Thank you!
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