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Do Not Let an Orthodontist Extract Healthy Teeth (although Wisdom Teeth Are O.k) Long Island, NY

I decided to have orthodontic work and the...

I decided to have orthodontic work and the orthodontist extracted 4 teeth 2 on top and 2 on the bottom. I started to suffer Sleep apnea symptoms and now have a documented sleep disorder. I had a cross-bite and should have been referred to an oral surgeon first. Adult palate expander do work!! Still in braces and it's been a year. I stopped and would not let him pull back the bottom. What would happen to my big tongue? Now I am in New York and found the help I need but it is going to cost me my life savings to save my life and get it in order!


Sorry type o - o.k to allow extraction of wisdom teeth. Always get second opinions and interviews with doctors for any major work.
I would just get bimaxillary surgery; the suture is already closed in adults so you are unnecessarily taking extra time.
I'm sorry to hear of the horrible difficulties you are facing.  I hope that insurance is paying for some of that $500k?  I've never seen a price that high before--what exactly do you need to have done in order to fix everything?
Sorry, I changed that it's about 30,000.00 for replacement of teeth 10,000 for new orthodontic treatment and dentist. Also all the specialty doctors I have had to see in network and out network. Lost of work $$$, as I can only work part time and may lose my job. In addition the stress and losing my hair. If you don't sleep hair falls out...
Dr. Zak

Don't ever go here - run away! (Island Orthodontics, Long Island NY)!

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