One Leg Be Swollen After Smartlipo and One Ok

I had smartlipo done on my outer thighs and under...

I had smartlipo done on my outer thighs and under my butt where thigh and butt meet because i felt it was unresponsive to working out.

Is it true it takes six months to fully heal? Im getting nervous now because one leg looks great and the other seems to be swollen in one area..I feel it looks terrible should I call my doctor or be patient I had it done in early feb and its now the end of may.


I think at four months out, you are probably seeing your permanent results. Yes, they say full healing can take up to 6 months, but I don't think my results changed at all after 4 months. So, if your legs are really uneven, I would definitely go back and have the one leg touched up to match the other. Good luck!
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I would definitely have your doctor look at it. Does your doctor do touchups for free? If so I'd have it touched up. My mom had her legs done and I know she didn't see as drastic of results as when she had her tummy done. Maybe post some pics and have others on realself help you decide if you need it. Hope everything turns out ok!! Keep us posted!
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Im unsure at this moment because Im uncertain about the outcome

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