Changed doctor to: Dr. Veronica Bikofsky -60 Park Place Dental Group

Was searching the Clear Correct website for...

Was searching the Clear Correct website for doctors who offered it and I called Dr. Suzan Ghattas' office and they informed me that she does not deal with them and haven't. I spoke to her clerk and she explained how payment works and how often I would have to come in to get trays. I like the concept so I am going in next Saturday. Wish me luck.

Changed Doctors

I did not like Susan Ghattas office. I had a 5 minute consult vs a teeth cleaning xrays and whiting like I asked to get started on. So I changed to Dr. Veronica Bikofsky... 60 Park Place Dental Group... & Dr. Dr. Abraham Speiser . They have so much knowledge, I was able to get an appointment yesterday from a phone call the day prior. I was explained EVERYTHING about my mouth and my xrays were gone over twice. I have an exam done that required my collar bone to check for cancer. Oh my lord when I say Dr. Speiser cleaned my teeth for over an hour ;) I felt like a new woman. I have to see "Dr. B" on Monday for Invisalign and/or Clear Correct. *It is hard to find a good dentistry group. They are great. I started take at home teeth whitening tonight. I am using Opalescence 10% trays because my teeth are not yellow at all. I am an ex smoker (but kept my mouth clean and chewed tons of gum) so they have a tint. This dental group also offers tons of programs and participate with alot of companies. They had over 25 pamphlets of stuff I was reading during my short wait to meet Dr. S. If you are ever in the area bring your xrays (or they will take them) and see this group. I highly recommend them. *New post coming Monday after I meet for tray braces.

Whitening Last Night with Baby Mason

1st night of Opalescence Go 10% Melon (Flavor)...
I see a difference already. I leave my trays in an hr and spit constantly. I don't swallow any of the gel because on the box it has the TOXIC scull and bones on the back ;) . I have to take clear before and afters tonight.
Dr. Veronica Bikofsky and Dr. Abraham Speiser

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Thanks ;) , and thank you for my update!!! You're the best!!!
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LOL.  It's no problem at all!
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Hi!  In your review you said that the doctor does not deal with them and haven't…?  But it seems like you'll be going to her for them?  Is there a correction that needs to be made that I can help you with?

Good luck!  And hopefully after your consultation you can let us know what the scheduling of your treatment and all that would be! :D
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Hey. No she surely offers Invisalign. She doesn't offer Clear Correct. I was searching for doctors that use Clear Correct. I was going to pay a couple bucks 1st to see if I like the idea of trays vs paying thousands of dollars and won't stick with it. I have to speak often so I don't want them to interfere. I heard Invisalign is good so we will see. I will sure keep everyone posted and post pics of my xrays and stuff.
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Ohhh, okay!  Thanks for clearing that up! :D
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Hi! I hope all is well. Can you please help me with an update of my doctor. I will also send you an inbox. Thanks much! ;)
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