Lingual Braces - So Far, So Good

I had braces before in a series of treatments as...

I had braces before in a series of treatments as we waited for my permanent teeth to grow in, beginning in elementary until 9th grade. After I got them off, I had a permanent retainer on top and bottom. I broke the top retainer eating ice 2 years ago.

I got lingual braces today on the top only to straigten the damage from the broken retainer and so far, so good. I'm used to having something behind my teeth bc of the retainer and the best part is, you cant see anything! No metal mouth! I do have to wear an invisalign type retainer everyday, but it's not too bad either. My treatment is scheduled for 6-8 months.

My dental insurance covers orthodontia so my out of pocket expenses were within my budget, so I'd say lingual braces are definitely worth the extra money and the pain level is minimal.

I went to an ortho for Invisilign and he conviced me to use lingual braces. In 15 days I went there to have the braces removed. But he again convinced me to keep the braces. It was a nightmare....the disconfort is unbelivable. The pain and eve the result wasn't worth it.
I wouldn't wish lingual braces on my worst enemy.

Could you please e-mail me at ********@********.com to tell me why you didn't like lingual braces? I am seriously considering.

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