Vertical Lip Lines - Irvine, CA

I had those pesky "smokers lines" above...

I had those pesky "smokers lines" above and below lips-although, I am not a smoker.

Went to a doctor in Irvine, California that I had gone to before for Botox. He is a skilled injector and very conservative in his approach (which I like).

I am so pleased with the results- virtually minimal swelling, no bruising and elimination of most of the offending lines.

My Dr. used just a small amount of Restylane and is saving the rest for future use. So the $450 cost is actually not accurate-as I paid for the whole syringe.

Hi Britt,
Nice to bond with another pug parent! As far as the choice of Restylane goes-my doctor advised as the lines were quite deep (I am 60) and needed to be "filled in".

That's good that your doctor knew just what to do. Have you had any other procedures? 



Hi LA, 

First off, I too have a black pug! (Just saying) :) Glad this helped your non-smoker, "smokers lines." I must say I'm scared of those too. ;) Why did you decide on Restylane for the lines instead of Botox? 



Dr. Michael Grossman

I trust Dr. Grossman's expertise and he has a good eye for esthetics. I didn't give him 5 stars, as he uses the "A" word (aging) when describing my facial concerns.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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