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Wow...looking back on all my reviews, you would...

Wow...looking back on all my reviews, you would think I am a very unfortunate looking individual, haha...well, my mom took me and my sister to get Electrolysis when we were 24 (six years ago now) due to inheriting her upper lip hair (thanks, mom!).

We got a dentist to numb us, so it was pain free on the upper lip, but we had a little extra time, so she did some of the stray hairs under my eyebrows, and man, you feel it. While I was able to tolerate the pain, it hurt enough to make me cry involuntarily. You know what I mean, how sometimes when you mess with that area, like plucking or whatever, you get a little tear in your eye? Well, the tears were aflowin.

It was totally worth the minor discomfort though. I still have to pluck my eyebrows (we were conservative), but its not the unruly mess it used to be.


Hello 9438,

Oh my goodness, to not have to deal with my eyebrows and have them waxed all the time I would do what you did in a heart beat. :) Will your mom take me LOL! You said you had a dentist numb you? Was that before the procedure and than you went somewhere else? Glad everything worked out so well. Pleas keep us updated.

Thanks so much for the review,


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We went to a local dentist for the numbing, but I understand that some places offer numbing lydocane cream, but it is a little overpriced for what you get if you ask me. The numbing was $75 and the cream would have been $60 and does not work quite as well, if you ask me.

Hmm, I didn't know that dentists will just numb you. That's good to know especially the part about  the difference in the numbings.


I went back for some touch-up electrolysis and was...

I went back for some touch-up electrolysis and was surprised at how far the technology has come since I had it done about seven years ago. It was easily tolerable, much to my delight.

If you need hair removed in small places or the hair is sparse, I believe that electrolysis is superior to laser. Laser is good for large areas where there is a great deal of hair to will zap a bunch at once. It is not as good on small areas with sparse hairs. In this situation, electrolysis is preferable. Also, I believe that laser has more scarring potential. A friend tells me she got laser hair removal on her face for some stray hairs and was left with very slight scarring that only she notices. Still, its the face, so I would rather use electrolysis and feel comfortable that I would not scar. In Nashville, I have negotiated $50/hr by buying five hours with friend. The lady, Kim, is really sweet and works out of her home. She really knows what she is doing and makes me feel comfortable.


Numbing cream will not help only a little bit, 60$ for numbing cream? What brand ? I used emla 5% and prescription compound pharmacy cream that made usually only to doctors , also did not help so yes the best is numbing from dentist or someone who can do to you, I do that every treatment,
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Kim's Electrolysis

Kim is so sweet. But be sure to remember...she doesnt take credit cards, so bring your cash!

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