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I always had a bumpy nose with a sharp downward...

I always had a bumpy nose with a sharp downward tip. When I was younger I thought I don't want to take the risks and I decided that I was happy with my nose. But now I'm thinking of having a nose job after all. (I'm 25) Right now my problem is finding a good doctor, and I don't know how I can find a good one in orange county.

25 is the perfect age! I was 27 and wish I'd done it a few years earlier. Here's a list of doctors in Orange County who do rhinoplasties. Make sure you choose one who is a rhinoplasty specialist! Please let us know how your search goes. We're totally here for you.


Still looking! Question? One of my friends...

Still looking!

One of my friends advised me to look for doctors in LA area. Since they are probably more experienced.
Any idea how hard would it be?

How many times do I need to go to the doctor's office?
Does it make sense to choose a Doctor in LA area?
I live in Irvine and had my surgery done 19 days ago. From my experience, I wouldn't do the surgery in LA. The drive home alone would be terrible, and you'd have to make the trip back and forth just to see your doctor. Newport Beach has A LOT of really good doctors. I went to Dr. Joseph Cruise in Newport. His office is near fashion island. You should check him out.
Thanks Angiemcc.

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