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Retainer Will Cost You $1,200/Year

So I went through 18 months wearing invisalign...

So I went through 18 months wearing invisalign trays and the treatment worked very well to straighten my teeth. But I was very disappointed to learn from the dentist that I would need to replace the retainer trays about every four months at a whopping cost of $400 per tray. I felt like ringing his neck. He should have informed me of this cost when I asked him to outline the costs for me before I signed on to have it done. There is no way I would have gotten invisalign done if I knew it was going to cost me $1,200 per year for the rest of my life. I may report the dentist to the health department.

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The Dentist is skillful, but apparently provides misleading information. I would have never gotten Invisalign if I knew it the retainers would cost me $1,200 per year for life.

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I just came from orthodontist office. 1 set us 200.00, 4 sets is 450.00
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I'm curious as to why he told you this.. my dentist told me my retainer would last awhile. I've been wearing mine for 6 months now and it does not need to be replaced at all. The retainer is a harder plastic than the invisalign trays so it doesn't break down.. I would talk to another dentist or like Kel said, ask about the permanent retainer option.
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I agree that your dentist should have been upfront about the cost of the retainer. I would ask him what your other options are or else go to an ortho and get a retainer made. I plan on getting a permanent retainer for my teeth when I'm done with treatment. I'm sure a dentist can at least offer that (it's just a wire cemented to the back of the teeth).
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He did mention a permanent retainer, but advised against it because it's hard to clean. He actually wore one himself. I got the impression from him that it was kind of a nuisance, and food would get caught in it, but he did not say that explicitly. Not trying to turn you off to the idea, but there might be something to it.
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Yes, if you opt for the invisalign retainer. There are other retainer options including permanent retainers. Maybe you should have gone to an ortho that could make you a retainer, not a dentist.
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True, I could have opted to go to an orthodontist, but the dentist told me that it would cost a few hundred dollars for a retainer at the end of the treatment, which turned out to be misleading. This is the type of tactic I expect from a used car salesman, not a dentist, given that I asked him specifically to outline the costs. I am wondering if others had the same experience.
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